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CSSI Analysis: Red Wings 2 - Coyotes 5

Christian Petersen

Well the winning streak had to end sometime; might as well end in a weird fashion where a non-injured injured goalie gets a free goal waved off and a linesman kicks the puck to a guy to spring the game-winner before the goalie salts it away by scoring from his own crease.

The reffing in this game was awful.

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Jimmy Howard played well in his first game back, but not well enough to get the win. I'd like to see a stop on the Hanzal break, but that's a hell of a well-placed shot.

The Goals

1st Period 04:47 - Detroit Goal: Pavel Datsyuk (wrist shot) from Henrik Zetterberg and Jonathan Ericsson
The Wings get on the board first on a strong series and amazing cross-ice pass. The Wings have to fight to get a zone clear as the Coyotes are pressuring on the boards, but eventually, Zetterberg clears it from just outside his blue line to the opposite side of the ice where Ericsson grabs it and crosses into Coyotes territory. From here, he fires low to the far side on Smith to create a rebound. This works, as the puck is kicked to the opposite side corner for Zetterberg to collect while Alfredsson goes to the front of the net. Z waits just long enough for Alfredsson to get pushed through the-net front by two defenders before feeding it across the ice to Datsyuk, who waits for Smith to go down before snapping it over him. The patience and vision by Zetterberg will earn him a bonus plus. Datsyuk and Ericsson will each get a half-plus for helping create the clear and the in-zone time.

1st Period 08:02 - Detroit Goal: Todd Bertuzzi (wrist shot) unassisted
The Wings go up by two on a Datsyukian play scored by somebody not named Datsyuk. Dan Cleary gets a simple clear out of the Red Wings zone and Bertuzzi makes it good by chasing Zblahblah Michalek all the way down the ice and back around the Phoenix net, coming out the other side and up the boards as well. Joakim Andersson steps up to help and forces Michalek to pass it off just inside his own blue line. The pass hits Chipchura's skate and bounces right to Bertuzzi, who is able to turn it inside the line around Oliver Ekman-Larsson. Bertuzzi comes in alone on Smith and wrists it in on the short side. Great play by Bertuzzi, who will earn an extra plus and a half. Andersson will get a bonus half-plus as well for the help in creating the turnover.

2nd Period 19:00 - Phoenix Goal: Antoine Vermette (wrist shot) from Rob Klinkhammer
The Coyotes break onto the scoreboard on an odd-man rush with a nice snipe shot over the glove hand of Howard. The Wings are buzzing in the Coyotes end on some great forechecking work by the top line. Alfredsson is doggedly pursuing the puck, but the play turns bad quickly when a Zetterberg attempt to punch the puck deeper down the boards is taken by Vermette and turned into the middle of the ice. Vermette can't hold it, but the puck goes to Klinkhammer in the high slot. Klinkhammer momentarily bobbles it and Jonathan Ericsson tries a step-up on him which fails when he gets it past the pressure on to Vermette leaving the zone with Doan on his wing. Alfredsson is chugging back, as is Zetterberg, but Vermette and Doan are too far up, leaving DeKeyser as the only player back. DK tries to play on Vermette, who is coming in directly up the middle, but Vermette does a little hitch toe-drag to change the angle and fires it past Howard. I'm going to clear the minuses for Datsyuk and Alfredsson on this play. Alfie does everything he can to get back, but it's not his fault this play happens. Ericsson will pull an extra minus for the bad pinch. Zetterberg and DeKeyser each keep their minuses.

3rd Period 05:07 - Phoenix Goal:Mike Ribeiro (wrist shot) from Mikkel Boedker and Derek Morris
The Coyotes pull even after two icings and a faceoff loss leads to a scramble goal for the 'Yotes. Andersson loses the faceoff and the puck gets out to the point where Morris feeds it to Boedker to change the angle while the traffic sets up out front. Boedker tosses it at the front of the net where Howard makes the save, but Ribeiro escapes his check and puts it right back in. Bertuzzi, Cleary, and Quincey will have their minuses cleared. Andersson not only loses the draw, but loses coverage on Ribeiro. Two mistakes leads to two minuses for Andersson. Meanwhile, Smith is the one who's covering Boedker when the initial shot gets through. The problem with Smith's coverage is that he has his stick in the lane to prevent a clean dump into the corner instead of the shooting lane. I don't know if he deflects the shot if his stick is in the right lane, but I know that Smith is going to get a minus for this.

3rd Period 07:08 - Phoenix Goal: Martin Hanzal (wrist shot) from Lauri Korpikoski and Bryan Pancich/John Grandt
Phoenix gets what will be the game-winner off a bit of a lucky bounce. Detroit is moving up ice with numbers when a dump-in by Zetterberg by the Coyotes' bench is blocked by the linesman, leaving Korpikoski alone behind the rush to pick up the loose puck and find Hanzal streaking the other way for a breakaway shot. Hanzal places it superbly and the Wings fall behind. I'm going to clear minuses for Datsyuk, Alfredsson, and Quincey while letting Zetterberg and Smith keep theirs. The bounce off the linesman is something that Z needs to prevent, but it's his job to stay the hell out of the way. Meanwhile, Smith is probably a little farther up ice than he should be based on how this rush breaks out. Quincey is pretty high in the neutral zone too, but he's actually got a good jump to keep this from becoming a 2-on-1. Smith has to watch the middle of the ice and he's not doing that here.

3rd Period 13:14 - Phoenix Goal: Mike Ribeiro (wrist shot) from Mikkel Boedker and David Moss
Another goal for the Coyotes which looks a lot like the first Ribeiro goal. Phoenix gets a faceoff win (Ribeiro on Andersson again) and moves it around the zone for a bit longer than the previous time. This play ends up when Moss gets a pass at the point and tries to throw it into traffic. Smith blocks the initial shot, but Moss picks it back up and this time succeeds in getting it to the traffic in front where Boedker touches it as it bounces off Lashoff's skate and once again, Ribeiro is there for the rebound goal. Like last time, Andersson will get two minuses (losing the faceoff and covering Ribeiro). Smith and Lashoff each keep minuses, but neither will get extra on this one. The block at the top is a bit unlucky, but Smith's job there is to keep the shot from getting through which he doesn't accomplish. It's not an extra fuck-up though. Lashoff either has to block the shot better or keep his stick down to push away rebounds. Franzen and Bertuzzi will be cleared.

3rd Period 19:59 - Phoenix Goal (EN): Mike Smith (zombie magic) unassisted
The Wings have the goalie pulled and their goalie is the only one who can make them pay. I don't care about this goal other than to say it's everybody's fault. No adjustment.

Penalty Adjustments

1st Period 05:08 - Mike Ribeiro (slashing): After a great defensive poke check by Brian Lashoff to prevent a prime scoring chance by Ribeiro, the Coyotes' center slashes Lashoff in the corner out of frustration. It's not purely a drawn call, but I'm going to give Lashoff a plus.
1st Period 10:58 - Kyle Quincey (slashing):
Quincey goes stick-to-stick as the Coyotes cross the blue line, knocking the stick from Vrbata's hand. It's been chintzy for years, but it's not legal. Minus for Quincey.
1st Period 18:46 - Brian Lashoff (slashing):
The Wings take a late-period penalty off a dangerous Coyotes chance when a Kindl turnover threatens to create a wrap-around chance. Lashoff slashes Vermette to prevent this and goes to the box for it. Kindl will get the minus for the turnover which drives this play.

2nd Period 03:46 - Brendan Smith (hooking on a breakaway): Smith gives the Coyotes a penalty shot as he lets Shane Doan get behind him for a breakaway. The first stick-lift is good, but the follow-on hook gets called. Smith will get a minus for allowing the break.

3rd Period 09:59 - Lauri Korpikoski (hooking) and Brian Lashoff (diving): This is a horseshit even-up call on a good step-up by Lashoff to force Korpikoski to bring him down. Lashoff will get a plus. Embarrassing call here.
3rd Period 13:44 - Jeff Halpern (interference): A weird bounce in the Coyotes' zone leaves a loose puck just inside the blue line. Halpern skates into Glendening and knocks him down, taking a penalty. This one isn't a drawn call. No adjustment.

Bonus Ratings


Honorable Mentions:

The ratings came out where they should have in this one.

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