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Report: Jonathan Ericsson out 2-3 Weeks with Shoulder Injury

Doug Pensinger

From the diggers today.

Oh crap.  Ericsson appeared to injure the shoulder in Saturday's loss to Phoenix. The Red Wings' defensive leader in overall time on ice per game and shorthanded time on ice per game would miss about 8 more games over the next three weeks if he's out that long. Missing seven days would qualify him for injured reserve, allowing the Red Wings to replace his roster spot but not his cap hit.  If he's hurt enough to miss 10 games and 24 days, he could be put on long-term IR and could have up to his cap hit replaced over the cap by his roster replacement(s).

On the other injury front, Kronwall should be good to go.

With Kronner back, the Wings will have seven healthy defensemen ready to play tomorrow versus Ottawa. Xavier Ouellet can be sent down, but will probably remain with the club as a backup option. They will almost certainly bring seven healthy defensemen with them on next week's western Canada road trip.