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Senators 6, Red Wings 1

Daniel Alfredsson's first game ever against his former team, the Ottawa Senators

Gregory Shamus

I would have posted this recap sooner, but I didn't start it on time.

  • Graham had a nice night in net for the Senators. A few challenging saves through traffic. Most of the night, though, it felt like the Red Wings were just Kris Drapering every shot on net.

  • Mickey Redmond said "Ottawa is really showing their speed tonight" about a million times during the broadcast. Dear Mick, love ya, really we do, and yes, the Sens are a bit fast, but it's not Ottawa's speed. It's the lack of speed from the Wings.

  • Too bad the Tigers lost in the ALCS. Had they beaten the Red Sox, Game 1 of the World Series would have been going on at the same time as this game down the street at Comerica Park. No one would have been paying attention to this ass kicking the Wings took.

  • This game was just over before it really began. Jimmy Howard allowed three goals on eight shots and was pulled before the 1st period ended. Eric Gryba was able to just walk right in from the point on the 1st goal. Jason Spezza was given six years to shoot on the 2nd goal. Bobby Ryan with a free lane to the top of the circle after a faceoff for the 3rd goal. These were all very encouraging plays.

  • Believe it or not, I think the Wings had a chance in the game when it was still 3-1. Of course, Spezza was then allowed to just skate right in and grab a loose puck off the back boards after his missed shot and he scored his 2nd goal of the night. This was clearly Brendan Smith's fault* for pinching earlier in the shift . Nevermind that the Wings best defenseman Niklas Kronwall and the league's best two-way forward Pavel Datsyuk were just kind of coasting there and did nothing. Let's just overlook that part of the play.

  • One Red Wings' goal in the last eight periods of hockey (stick tap, Tyler)

  • Only three Red Wings were not in the negative in plus/minus tonight. Daniel Alfredsson, Johan Franzen and Tomas Tatar were all even.

  • Speaking of Tatar, I thought he had a decent game. He passed the eye test tonight. He didn't register a point, but he was buzzing out there. He had some speed, made some hits, and drove to the net. Three shots, three hits and two takeaways on the night. Amazing what a little youthful enthusiasm and skill will do for a team.

  • If anything, let's hope that this dumpster fire of a game wakes management up. Mike Babcock too. How many times can this team "not start on time" before something needs to be done? Thankfully, Patrick Eaves comes off LTIR before Saturday and Darren Helm will be back next week (knocks on wood), Ken Holland is going to have to make some kind of move. He has no choice. Be proactive. Figure out the god damn mess of a roster you've made and make things right.
Let's Go Red Wings.

*All goals scored against the Red Wings are Brendan Smith's fault.