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CSSI Analysis: Red Wings 1 - Senators 6

Ottawa's Captain
Ottawa's Captain
Gregory Shamus

Well that was kind of like getting your ass kicked by your girlfriend's ex. He's not really a bad guy; it's just that his dad is kind of an asshole and he's maybe got a temper. You just wanted to clear the air with him that you never talked shit behind his back, but he came out immediately swinging and didn't stop until you swore you could see Jesus laughing at you from heaven.

Brutal, brutal game for the Wings. They just didn't have "it", and by "it", I mean " a fucking clue."

CSSI Methodology Explanation here


Take your pick of goalies who allowed three. This was a whole-team screwup though. Let's move on to the goals.

The Goals

1st Period 05:46 - Ottawa Goal: Eric Gryba (wrist shot) from Mika Zibbledebeebop and Erik Condra
Ottawa gets on the board first on a forecheck and turnover leading to a free shot from a high-chance area. After Andersson misses on a 2-on-1 chance, the Sens come the other way. Gryba steps up on Andersson at the half-boards to create a turnover. Condra dumps it back behind the net where DeKeyser misses it, allowing Zibanejad to pick it up and threaten to carry it out front around the other side. DeKeyser follows up, but Drew Miller also steps in to help. This opens a lane for Mika to find Gryba sneaking into the slot. Gryba collects it and fires top corner. Andersson will keep his minus for his part in the turnover. Quincey needs to go out and challenge Gryba when he recognizes that Miller comes dwon. Tootoo will be cleared as nothing here is his fault. The mistakes are DeKeyser (minus for turnover) and Miller (minus for blown coverage).

1st Period 11:48 - Ottawa Goal (PP): Jason Spezza (slap shot) from Chris Phillips and Erik Karlsson
The Sens get another in the first off a power play opportunity as the Wings' PK gives Spezza far too much room in a good scoring area and he makes them pay. The Sens get good puck movement in the zone thanks in part to Howard not holding onto a rebound. Things fall apart when the Wings get caught over-committing to one side as Cleary chases Phillips to the middle and they pass it back to Spezza at the top of the faceoff circle. This freezes the defense until Spezza finally decides to wire a shot through the traffic in front. The coverage failure here is on Lashoff, who doesn't realize he needs to go out and challenge Spezza. Cleary has to respect the top of the point while Smith is fighting with Greening in front. Lashoff just kind of freezes and allows the shot through him. This will be a minus for Lashoff.

1st Period 14:14 - Ottawa Goal (PP): Bobby Ryan (wrist shot) from Joe Corvo and Kyle Turris
The Sens go up 3-0 just seven seconds into their second power play opportunity off a top-corner snipe. Andersson loses a faceoff cleanly, then chases up to Corvo at the point, who hands it off to Ryan walking up to the top of the circle. Andersson tries to pressure as Kronwall attempts to get in the lane, but both fail and Ryan snipes it. Blame here will go to Kronwall, who needs to have this lane blocked and will get a half minus and to Andersson who will get a full minus on the faceoff loss and coverage.

1st Period 16:14 - Detroit Goal (PP): Todd Bertuzzi (wrap around) from Henrik Zetterberg and Niklas Kronwall
The Wings get on the board with a wrap-around goal on the power play thanks to Bertuzzi. The Wings are kept to the outside on the play, but get through when they move the puck across the ice at the points to get the defenders moving. Kronwall ends up without a good shooting lane because of the pressure, but he dumps it in behind the goal. Zetterberg gets it in the trapezoid to Anderson's left and passes to/crosses over with Bertuzzi coming from the other side at the same time. Anderson is looking for Z to come out the other end when Bert finishes the wrap on the left. No adjustment here.

2nd Period 05:12 - Ottawa Goal: Jason Spezza (wrist shot) from Erik Karlsson and Marc Methot
Ottawa recovers from a series of good chances by the Wings with a good individual effort by Spezza to create a rebound for himself off the boards and then get to it immediately. The play starts as Brendan Smith drives the middle of the Ottawa zone and creates a chance for Bertuzzi on the back door that just misses. Methot starts it the other way with numbers as he crosses into the neutral zone and goes to Karlsson on the opposite wing. Karlsson puts it into the middle for Spezza, who walks it across the blue line and rips a shot from just above the slot which misses the net wide, but bounces right back in front where he gets to it and slides it under Gustavsson before he can react. I'm going to clear the minuses for Zetterberg and Bertuzzi on this play. It's an honest scoring chance here and it's not their fault the Sens scored on an even-numbers rush. Kronwall, Datsyuk, and Smith combine for kind of a twilight zone of coverage here. Kronner is the net-front guy and Datsyuk is covering the middle because Smith is on the wing after having moved there to respect the chance that Karlsson wouldn't immediately pass and would drive down that side. When Spezza shoots, Datsyuk lets him skate right on by him instead of turning to stay. Kronwall isn't exactly on the doorstep because he's a half-step slow to get there. Smith still has to respect the trailer on the wing and isn't back in time either. There's a communication breakdown here that's on all three of them. I'm going to give Datsyuk and Kronwall each an extra minus while Smith gets an extra half-minus. The two guys in the middle are supposed to converge on the on-rushing forward here and neither does. Smith's problem is not recognizing that quickly enough to help them.

3rd Period 01:50 - Ottawa Goal: Jared Cowen (wrist shot) from Zack Smith and Chris Neill
Well now it's just embarrassing. I don't want to do this anymore and everything tastes like batteries. This time, a Lashoff-to-Kindl pass behind the Wings' net fails to connect, which clears the puck up to the half-boards where Smith gets it and feeds it to Cowen at the point. Andersson challenges, but Cowen makes enough of a move to get a shot around him and through traffic, where it gets through Gustavsson. I'm going to clear the minus for Miller as the opposite-side Winger who isn't involved in this play. Tootoo keeps his minus for not taking a better turn and getting on Smith sooner. Andersson will get an extra half-minus on the coverage at the point. He's facing a lefty shooter on the left point and doesn't have his stick in the right position here, which allows him to easily get beaten on a soft shoulder-fake. Kindl will get a minus for missing the puck on the Lashoff pass as two forecheckers bear down on him. Lashoff will get a minus because he chops the pass and then screens his own goalie.

3rd Period 06:13 - Ottawa Goal: Bobby Ryan (open net) from Clarke MacArthur and Kyle Turris
Hahaha fuck this. A turnover in the Ottawa corner leads Turris up ice with Smith pestering him from behind as MacArthur and Ryan join the rush against Weiss and Quincey. Smith sweeps it off Turris' stick and across the Wings' blue line where MacArthur turns on the jets and gets behind Weiss, who turns stupidly slow. Coming off the half-boards on a 2-on-1, MacArthur fires on net while Quincey goes down to block the cross-ice pass. Gustavsson kicks the puck straight to Ryan on the other side and he puts it in to finish the scoring. Cleary and Abdelkader will be cleared of minuses here as the two deep forecheckers. Smith keeps his minus for not sealing up the play earlier. Quincey keeps his minus for the odd-man defense. He makes a tough choice here, but MacArthur's angle is incredibly severe. Q needs to stay to the middle and pick up Ryan, letting Gustavsson challenge MacArthur to beat him from an angle. Weiss' defensive coverage here is batshit infuriatingly bad for a center. I'd like to give him seven minuses for slowly turning and watching the guy he's supposed to be covering blow by, but objectively, this is probably only worth one extra minus for coverage by Weiss.

Penalty Adjustments

1st Period 09:22 - Niklas Kronwall (hooking): Kyle Turris skates into the Wings' zone as Kronwall forces him to the wall. Turris makes a smart move to turn the stick-push from the front into a hook from the side and Kronwall goes to the box. Bad penalty to take for Kronner, who gets a minus.
1st Period 14:07 - Kyle Quincey (tripping):
Turris draws another as he's forechecking in on a dump-in that jumps over Kyle Quincey's stick. Q puts his stick out to block Turris, who dives and draws the call. It's interference at the least anyway, so Quincey will still get a minus here.
1st Period 14:56 - Colin Greening (cross-checking): The Wings get a power play on a dumb play by Greening to cross-check Abdelkader on the half-boards as he fights for a puck. This one's on Greening. No adjustment.

2nd Period 00:49 - Bobby Ryan (high sticking): Ryan gets the stick up on Franzen while he's on the forecheck. Sloppy play by Ryan. No adjustment.

3rd Period 03:23 - Jared Cowen (elbowing): Zetterberg keeps his feet moving and makes sure he's got pressure on a guy and gets rewarded with an elbow to the chops. I am going to give Z a plus here. His pressure creates this.
3rd Period 10:57 - Daniel Alfredsson (tripping): Alfie takes down Mika ZibanebadasIwannabe and feels shame. Minus for Alfredsson.

Bonus Ratings

-1 to Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetterberg, Johan Franzen, Daniel Alfredsson: Added minuses to guys who needed to do more. I wasn't terribly upset with Zetterberg's play, but it wasn't good enough to end up an overall plus. Datsyuk had a bad game. Franzen was invisible and Alfredsson was trying to do too much.

Honorable Mentions:

Tatar looked more comfortable in this game and had more flashes of good play. When he got paired with Datsyuk late, I didn't think it was Tatar's fault that they failed to provide any magic.

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Screener's Assist Totals

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Jonathan Ericsson 1
Johan Franzen 1
Justin Abdelkader 0.5
Todd Bertuzzi 1