It's back: WIIM's Game Predictions Contest

Missed this year's BOLD Predictions? Want to get in on a WIIM contest that also features the amazing prize of FLEETING INTERNET FAME?*

The Winging It in Motown Game Prediction Contest is back, you fans of these Detroit Red Wings. After a year off, we're set to hit the ground running starting this Thursday as YOUR Detroit Red Wings take on the Arizona Coyotes of Phoenix.

You'll be predicting the final score of each Red Wings game and who will be the Red Wings' Player of the Game (POTG). We don't care if the Red Wings get blasted 82-0; we'll pick either a Red Wings' POTG or no POTG.(For the record: You can predict that there won't be a POTG, but you'll become a terrible fan for thinking the Red Wings will get pasted.) Put these predictions in the comments of the Morning Skate posts, timestamped no later than 10 minutes after the official listed start time. Predictions made elsewhere or after the deadline will not be taken into account.

Final score is obvious. POTG will be made by game thread consensus or, if consensus can't be reached, by Game Recap poll.

--1 point for a correct score or POTG prediction
--4 points for correct on both
--0 points for being wrong

Here is the handy Google Doc DarthSparty and I will be using to track your predictions. Spreadsheet 1 will count up your correct predictions and assign you your totals. (Note: Your SB Nation username will only show up once you've made a correct prediction.) Spreadsheet 2 will keep track of what the final score is and who the POTG is for each Red Wings game; users who made correct predictions will be shown, and the color system will show what predictions you got right. The Third Spreadsheet: the standings. Keep track of how badly J.J. is doing at predicting POTG; see how often uvgt2bkdnme gets the double bonus.

Remember: The prediction contest starts this Thursday against the Coyotes, so get your Game Prediction training camps underway soon. Crystal balls, tea leaves, whatever helps you not make predictions like "Jordin Tootoo, 30-27 Red Wings." Game on!

*We've got all year to come up with a prize if people actually want one AND a prize can be provided.

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