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No: Detroit Red Wings 1 - Boston Bruins 4

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Today's been a day of blood, sweat, and tears.

The blood came from the excruciating and gruesome paper cut that I received this morning. The sweat came from my mild, tepid jogging at the gym. And the tears, which are currently tears of sorrow from this dreadful performance, will hopefully translate into tears of joy after the Tigers beat the A's tonight.

My current writing record is 0-1. Which I wholeheartedly apologize for. I tried my best to chant "Let's Go Red Wings" in my couch, and my Lidström jersey was as exquisite as it could be. Despite my vigorous support, the Wings would not manage to leave Boston with a point, let alone a win.
  • You could tell early on that this wasn't going to end well. Mostly because of the Bruins perpetual pressure and pure dominance. A Torey Krug goal after 9 minutes would confirm my previous assumption.
  • Henrik Zetterberg scored. Which may very well have been the only good thing that occurred tonight. Besides Datsyuk taking out Marchand. I know that he just tripped, but it looked cool. Anyone got a GIF yet?
  • How many games does Abdelkader get for his hit on Marchand? Regardless of whether it was accidental or not, Abby is going to be suspended for a while after that.
  • From there on out it was all Boston. Marchand, Caron, Pedroia, and Chara. Before you could sing the opening verse to "Don't Stop Believing" the game was lost and with it all of the hope for the first ever 82-0 season.
  • Do you know how pissed off I am that we aren't going to be able to go 82-0? Utterly furious.
  • Good news: Tatar played tonight instead of Sammy. Bad news: Tatar tried too hard to replicate Datsyuk and ended up embarrassing himself and all of DekeNation. Don't attempt a spin-o-rama when you have the ability to put the puck at net.
  • None of the Red Wings' players seemed to be willing to win this game. Except for Jimmy Howard of course. 'Cause he is awesome and he is better than Quick.

What should we take from this game? First of all, Jeff, it's all of your fault. Second, the Wings need to have more drive. I realize that they've played 3 games in 4 nights but that's no excuse. These guys are seasoned professionals. They should be performing night in and night out regardless of the circumstances.

It seems that the Wings were just too gassed out in Beantown.

The Wings now have a couple of days off before taking on the Coyotes on Thursday in Detroit. Let's hope for better performance then shall we?

Positive thoughts everybody. We're going 81-1.

Let's Go Red Wings!

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