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CSSI Analysis: Red Wings 1 - Bruins 4

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Hoo boy this game was every bit as awful as we were afraid it would be. Whatever. It's Jeff's fault.

Detroit was outshot 37-26 and lost the special teams battle by giving up two power play goals on four chances while going 0-for-2 on their own.

CSSI Methodology Explanation here


Tuukka Rask looked bored in this game.

The Goals

1st Period 09:11 - Boston Goal (PP): Torey Krug (slap shot) from Milan Lucic and David Krejci
The Wings get control on the power play faceoff, but Franzen hands the puck away behind the Detroit net and allows the Bruins to get set. He follows up this brilliant decision by chasing Lucic to the opposite side of his area of coverage. Lucic isn't stupid, so he passes back to where Franzen should be. Krug has all day to wait from just above the slot. The Bruins' defender gives Chara just enough time to set up in front of Howard for the screen. Krug blasts it through and in. Johan Franzen will get two minuses. The turnover earns him one and then the ridiculous coverage stupidity earns him the second.

1st Period 16:49 - Detroit Goal: Henrik Zetterberg (wrist shot) from Justin Abdelkader and Pavel Datsyuk
Detroit ties it up later in the first on a quick transition and good rebound shooting. The Wings get a lucky break as the linesman doesn't see the puck go off a glove on their bench. The Wings are able to push it through center ice on some good skating by Datsyuk to free up Abdelkader for a drive up the middle. Abby makes space for a shot from the slot which Rask kicks right back out front. While both Bruins' defenders in the area tie up Abby, Zetterberg picks up the loose puck and hits the corner with it. No adjustment.

2nd Period 00:36 - Boston Goal: Brad Marchand (wrist shot) from Johnny Boychuk
Before heroically dying later in the period, Brad Marchand scores what would be the game-winner on a zone rush. A nothing turnover behind the Bruins' goal turns into a 3-on-2 rush with Marchand coming up on the right wing alongside Eriksson and Bergeron. Kronwall and Ericsson are back, but they're actually playing this rush like a 3-on-2 should be defended. Howard overplays his angle and Marchand snaps it far corner. I'm going to clear Ericsson's and Abdelkader's minuses here. The play happens outside of their coverage areas. The goal is somewhat soft by Howard. Datsyuk and Kronwall keep their minuses while Zetterberg will get an extra half-minus, as he gets caught in the pinch which allows the odd-man.

2nd Period 07:58 - Boston Goal: Jordan Caron (wrist shot) from Reilly Smith and Adam McQuaid
Boston gets another in the 2nd period off a defensive breakdown. The Bruins get two icing faceoffs thanks to forwards' inability to receive passes from Jakub Kindl. On the second one, the Wings win the faceoff, but turn the puck over on a strong forecheck by Smith, Caron, and Kelly. Andersson has a clearing chip attempt blocked by Bertuzzi and Kelly gets it to McQuaid at the point, who throws it to the front where Caron tips it to the front where Smith gets to it and immediately passes to Caron for the easy put-away. Alfredsson will have his minus cleared for being the unfortunate extra winger on for a goal against his teammates. Bertuzzi will get an extra minus. It's not the accidental clearing attempt block, but when he decides to help Andersson out, he just kind of coasts in and half-asses it, then finds himself out of position when McQuaid gets the puck. He's also responsible for not touching the puck when the first icing that starts this sequence comes (and there's much less of an excuse for him on the first one than there is for Andersson on the second). Quincey will get an extra half-minus. Caron is his man. He's a little scared off by Smith getting the puck so freely, but he's got to stay tight to his check. Kindl will get an extra full minus. He makes a terrible read trying to cut off a dump-in and completely loses Smith going to the front of the net, which leads to the goal.

3rd Period 12:17 - Boston Goal (PP): Zdeno Chara (backhand) from Torey Krug and Milan Lucic
The Bruins add a funny one on Zdeno Chara's second semi-breakaway of the same power play. Kyle Quincey comes out from behind his own net to pick up a loose puck and try to start a short-handed break with Datsyuk and Zetterberg joining him. The play gets broken up before it gets out of the zone thanks to a Krejci step-up on the pass to Datsyuk (and thanks to Krejci sticking his leg out on Datsyuk). Lucic chips it to Krug, who is behind everybody with Chara on a 2-on-1 against Brendan Smith. Smith tries, but can't block the pass to Chara, who dekes Howard and goes backhand roof on him. Smith will be the only one who doesn't pull punishment here though. Quincey (bad pass), Datsyuk (turnover), and Zetterberg (slow to back-check) will all get minuses on this play.

Penalty Adjustments

1st Period 08:56 - Niklas Kronwall (holding): Kronwall gets himself caught up ice and the Bruins start the other way with numbers. Kronner grabs on to Eriksson to catch back up and goes to the box for it. Minus for Kronwall.

2nd Period 13:45 - David Krejci (hooking): The Wings get a power play as they create a little bit of in-zone time that gets the Bruins a little turned around. Krejci blocks an Andersson shot, but loses his man as Jester follows up to get to the loose puck in good position. Krejci hooks his hands and goes to the box. Andersson will get a plus.
2nd Period 16:13 - Todd Bertuzzi (hooking): Bert finally gets called for a hook because it was the Red Wings' turn to take a penalty after the refs turned the slider back up in the game settings. Bertuzzi gets a minus.

3rd Period 06:33 - Danny DeKeyser (interference): Danny DeKeyser makes no attempt to play the body or hide the fact that he moves out of his established lane to slow down Jordan Caron on the forecheck after a dump-in. Easy call. Minus for DeKeyser
3rd Period 10:29 - Johan Franzen (interference):
For no reason, Franzen just skates into a guy in the neutral zone because skating is hard or something. Minus for Franzen.
3rd Period 16:07 - David Krejci (tripping):
Krejci finishes what he started on Datsyuk earlier with a dirty slew-foot. It's not a drawn call, but it's sure as hell a dirtbag move. No adjustment.

Bonus Ratings

-1 to Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetterberg, Daniel Alfredsson, Stephen Weiss, Daniel Cleary, Joakim Andersson, and Brendan Smith: Nobody on the team was terribly good, but this is the list of guys who deserve more than their adjusted plus/minus was at without such an adjustment. Justin Abdelkader was the only player with much drive on the top line while the Weiss/Alfredsson line was basically invisible. Cleary and Andersson were downright bad and Smith wasn't good enough to escape an overall minus.
-1 to Johan Franzen: He was the Wings' worst player by far in this game. This adjustment covers for that.

Honorable Mentions:

Tomas Tatar tried to do too much, but I'd keep him in the lineup.

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