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Red Wings waive Patrick Eaves

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Business seems like it's finally picking up. At the very least, the ball has begun to roll to fix this roster mess.

If Eaves clears waivers tomorrow and is sent down to the AHL, that clears $925K from the Red Wings salary cap. If someone claims Eaves (which I doubt will happen), all $1.2M of his cap hit comes off the books.

Jordin Tootoo is also still eligible to be sent down too. He would clear another $925K from the cap.

Eaves seems like he's a good guy and he's been a model citizen on this team since his arrival in 2009, but this move is not surprising at all. He's redundant on this team. What he does on the bottom 6 can be done better by someone else and for less money. Hopefully someone claims him and he gets a chance to play elsewhere.

Also, it's a shame this is how he had to find out.

This move, along with sending down Tootoo, will help make room for Jonathan Ericsson's and Brendan Smith's returns from injury… and, eventually, yes, we're getting closer to seeing Gustav Nyquist back on this team.

Let's Go Red Wings.