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ME GUSTA(V): Red Wings 4, Hurricanes 3

Five Happy Swedes
Five Happy Swedes
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Ken Holland, I swear to God, if you send down Gustav Nyquist




Holy sh*t. What a game.

About two hours before the game I sent JJ this gem of a meme. I honestly didn't think it would happen. Love Nyquist. Deserved to be on the team all of last season. Should have been on this team all season. Didn't in my sane mind think he would score two goals and steal the show tonight.

For the first time in six full years the Red Wings won a game at home. They finally snapped their seven game losing streak. And, they did it on the backs of a kid.

A way "overripe" kid who just owned a team in a men's league.

Just imagine how many goals he would have if he played every game this season? Just imagine where this team would possibly be in the standings? Now, I'm obviously on a Nyquist-high right now, and Goose probably wouldn't be leading the NHL in goals or points or anything like that, but he's a legit as f*ck top six forward and it's clear he provides that secondary scoring this team has been b*itching about for the entire season.

So Ken Holland… I hope you were paying attention.


  • hahahahahahahahahaha 17 seconds

  • Overall a good first period in my opinion. The 2nd line of Johan Franzen-Henrik Zetterberg-Gustav Nyquist had some real jump and seemed to have few scoring chances. Crazy what some hungry and skilled youth will to do the lineup.

  • The Wings started their first power play with the lineup of Tomas Tatar-Darren Helm-Gustav Nyquist. That's my wet dream of a line. Speed and skill. Speed and skill, folks.

  • Incredible control of the puck by Justin Abdelkader on the Wings second goal. Protected possession using his body, a little bob and weave, drive to the net, Drew Miller screening the goalie, puck ends on right on Helm's stick. Right place, right time. Nice work by the muckers and grinders on that shift.

  • Brett Bellemore scored his first career goal against the Red Wings? Of course he did.

  • Pavel Datsyuk with the best individual penalty killing effort I've seen since Helm starred in "The Kill" back in the 2009 Western Conference Finals. My goodness. He was a wizard on that 5-on-3.

  • Wings finally get some puck luck on their third goal of the night. Nyquist drew the penalty that led to some crazy good 6-on-5 pressure, this caused the Canes to take another penalty. With the two man advantage, Niklas Kronwall gets a shot from the slot, hits a few dudes and Jordan Staal kicks it in his own net. Pleased with this outcome.

  • Hank sets up Goose for the breakaway. Goose takes a gander and goes five hole. 2 goals, 1 game. Nyquist with more goals in one game than Daniel Cleary has in 22 games all season. You can add Mikael Samuelsson's season goal total to Cleary's and it only equals Nyquist's output from tonight.

Oh yeah… this:

Gustav Nyquist is your player of the game.


Let's Go Red Wings