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CSSI Analysis: Red Wings 2 - Senators 4

Gregory Shamus

After snapping a losing streak with a close win over Carolina, the Wings took a step backwards in a loss to the Senators where they largely carried play, but didn't capitalize on chances and let chippy play get the better of them.

The Senators' play was reminiscent of the 2006-era Ducks teams that played with an edge and with the idea that the refs can't call everything.  They were right. In the end, the Wings let this get the better of them, going just 2-for-8 on the power play and wasting two of their three 5-on-3 chances. Meanwhile, Ottawa's 2-for-8 performance on the power play was just what they needed, despite being outshot 36-29.

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Jimmy Howard was the victim of a couple of bad breakdowns in the first and then PK misses later in the game. He had one huge save and overall played a decent game. I don't think he had a chance to steal this one, but if anything else, I'm disappointed that he was the guy who felt he had to react to the Sens' play when he took a slashing penalty late.

The Goals

1st Period 13:23 - Detroit Goal (PP): Darren Helm (tip in) from Tomas Tatar and Jakub Kindl
This is the first true Holmstromian goal I can remember in a while for the Red Wings. Detroit gets a zone entry on a puck recovered at center ice and turned back up ice by Helm, who senses a pinch by Karlsson and chips it around himi into the corner. Helm gets to his own pass and quickly turns to pass it back to Tatar higher up in the corner. Tatar skates along the boards to keep the PKers honest, making some room for himself to step off the boards between the coverages of Michalek up top and Karlsson just inside the dot. From just above the dot, Tatar fires a wrist shot on Lehner, who is being screened by Helm. On its way in, Helm tips the puck past the goalie and puts the Wings ahead. This is a good play by Tatar and Helm, but an expected result on the PP. No adjustment.

1st Period 14:33 - Ottawa Goal: Clarke MacArthur (wrist shot) from Bobby Ryan and Patrick Wiercioch
The Sens pull even 70 seconds later on a lost board battle and a few misplayed assignments. The Sens gain the zone on a cross-ice pass from Cowen to MacArthur which is nearly picked off by Zetterberg at center. Instead, MacArthur gets to the half-boards and dumps it behind the net. Ericsson and Ryan go shoulder-to-shoulder in, but Ryan bounces off Ericsson and keeps control of the puck with enough room to make a pass to the front. Quincey is in this lane, and initially blocks the centering attempt, but Ryan gets it off his skate and again throws it into the middle for MacArthur, who now has a wide-open net to shoot at, which he does. Franzen will be cleared as the forechecker who gets let down by the play behind him. Z keeps his minus for missing the pass from Cowen. Nyquist keeps his minus. Turris actually pushes him into Howard, giving MacArthur the room he needs. Nyquist has to be stronger on his skates than this. The big error is from Ericsson for losing the board battle. Ericsson will get a minus. Quincey will also get a minus. The net-front is entirely his job here and he fails to track MacArthur.

1st Period 15:44 - Ottawa Goal: Chris Neil (wrist shot) from Cory Conacher and Zack Smith
Not long after, Ottawa gets a bounce and takes the lead. This play starts with Brendan Smith behind his own net being borne down upon by Zack Smith. Our Smith goes to Quincey on the half-boards with a pass that Q has to settle. Long before their Smith gets there, Quincey reverses back to Brendan behind the Wings' net, except the puck bounces over his stick and is gathered by Tatar in the corner with Neill on him. Tatar pushes it back to where Smith can get it and quickly break the Neil/Smith forecheck with a short outlet to Helm low in the faceoff circle. As the pass gets to Helm, Conacher steps up on him, picking off Helm's attempt to push it up ice to Tatar behind three forecheckers. In bad shooting position, Conacher fakes going behind the net and curls a pass back to Neill at the bottom of the circle. Neil throws a low shot on net which deflects off Darren Helm, then off Brendan Smith, then into the net. There's some bad bounce roulette going here, but it's an earned goal by the Senators' forecheck. Abdelkader and Tatar will be cleared. Tatar is the only player who gets a touch on this sequence and the play he makes is the right one (both the pass back to Smith and the attempt to get up ice for a zone exit). Helm will get a minus for the turnover to Conacher. Quincey will get a minus for playing it deeper into his own end against a two-man forecheck and then bumbling around in front. The pass back to Smith was just an awful decision. Smith is made a victim here, but he's got chances to prevent this that he doesn't take and so he'll keep his minus.

3rd Period 01:08 - Detroit Goal (PP): Pavel Datsyuk (wrist shot) from Niklas Kronwall and Henrik Zetterberg
The Wings get a bounce on a 5-on-3 and tie the game. After a bunch of static passing around the perimeter trying to set up a shot from above the circles through a screen, the Wings change things up with a pass from the point to the low net-side position. Datsyuk receives this pass from Kronwall and immediately tries to cross-ice it to Nyquist on the back door. Instead, Cowen accidentally kicks the pass attempt through his own goalie. No adjustment here.

3rd Period 03:51 - Ottawa Goal (PP): Bobby Ryan (slapshot) from Erik Karlsson and Jason Spezza
The game-winner comes off some very good puck movement on the Ottawa power play leading to a sick one-timer. Spezza skates from the net-side all the way around across the tops of the circles to draw the high defender (Zetterberg) as well as the rest of the play off-center before feeding it back to Karlsson in shooting position just above the slot in the middle of the ice. Karlsson instead gathers the puck and takes a couple steps forward, giving him a lane to Ryan on the net-side where Spezza originated. Ryan one-times it in on the sharp angle and it's 3-2 Sens. No adjustment here. This play is created by the speed and work of the 5-man unit here.

3rd Period 15:59 - Ottawa Goal (PP): Clarke MacArthur (wrist shot) from Patrick Weirdcock and Erik Karlsson
The sens salt it away on the power play after the Wings lose their composure, getting a rebound goal from an uncovered man. The Sens get the puck back off a Jonathan Ericsson turnover in the corner and are able to reset their PP unit, going low-to-high cross-ice two times on the sequence. On the second, Karlsson feeds it to Wiercioch at the point for a shot through traffic. Howard stops it, but MacArthur is there to put home the rebound. The turnover by Ericsson will earn him a minus. Lashoff will also get a minus. he shouldn't be fronting the player above the net in this situation, as it does leave him vulnerable to exactly this play.

Penalty Adjustments

Way too many penalties to do a full writeup. I'll write up reasons, but the play-by-play on how it came to be isn't as necessary.

1st Period 11:32 - Chris Neill (hooking): Plus for Abdelkader. Good drive end-to-end.
1st Period 18:44 - Cory Conacher (tripping): No adjustment. This is a soft call.

2nd Period 03:16 - Jared Cowen (hooking): Half-plus each for Nyquist and Franzen. Beautiful Murphy-Dump play by these two creates a penalty.
2nd Period 03:42 - Chris Phillips (holding): Plus for Nyquist. Keeping the feet moving makes this penalty happen.
2nd Period 07:32 - Daniel Cleary (goaltender interference): Minus for Cleary. He wasn't pushed in. Just didn't watch where he was going.
2nd Period 09:54 - Brendan Smith and Chris Neill (fighting): No adjustment, although a part of me wants to punish Smith for ignoring a chance to intercept a puck and make a breakout pass.
2nd Period 12:02 - Tomas Tatar (tripping): No adjustment. Awful call at the wrong time.
2nd Period 19:43 - Jason Spezza (slashing): Plus for Helm. Good job keeping the feet moving to force kind of a careless play by Spezza.

3rd Period 00:29 - Mark Borowiecki (tripping): Plus for Datsyuk. He moves his feet well and draws this.
3rd Period 01:57 - Darren Helm (hooking): Minus for Helm. Stick goes parallel on a shorthanded rush? That's a call every time.
3rd Period 02:36 - Kyle Quincey (high sticking double minor): Minus for Quincey. Easy call.
3rd Period 09:14 - Jared Cowen (high sticking): No adjustment. Shitty play by Cowen.
3rd Period 09:42 - Mark Borowiecki (hooking): Half-plus to both Nyquist and Tatar for setting up a near-breakaway on a power play.
3rd Period 12:59 - Clarke MacArthur (holding) and Jonathan Ericsson (holding): No adjustment. Just two guys being friendly.
3rd Period 14:09 - Niklas Kronwall (roughing): Minus for Kronwall. Yes, Ryan deserves one, but it's too late in the game to trust the refs will call it fairly. Don't retaliate.
3rd Period 16:22 - Gustav Nyquist (slashing): Minus for Nyquist.
3rd Period 18:26 - Jimmy Howard (slashing): Howard deserves a minus, but I'm not tracking goalies here. I don't care about this penalty. No adjustment.

Bonus Ratings

+2 to Drew Miller & Joakim Andersson: +1 to Mikael Samuelsson: The Wings' 4th line got it done at even strength, severely limiting the Senators on the ice. Miller & Jester averaged about seven minutes of PK time and both did exceptionally well.
-1 to Niklas Kronwall: Far too many mistakes for Kronwall in this game for the guy who is supposed to be far and away the team's best defenseman.

Honorable Mentions:

Weiss gets a pass because he obviously wasn't ready to come back into the lineup and had a solid start to the game, but he only ended up playing 11 minutes and wasn't effective after the first few shifts. Riggy and Kronner played decently in big PK minutes, but both made too many mistakes for that to make up for it.

Current Game Chart

Season Totals Chart

Screener's Assist Totals

Player Name Screener's Assists Totals
Jonathan Ericsson 1
Johan Franzen 2
Justin Abdelkader 0.5
Todd Bertuzzi 2.5
Tomas Tatar 1
Darren Helm 1