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Prospect News: Catching Up With The Goalies

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Petr Mrazek A.K.A "The Berries"
Petr Mrazek A.K.A "The Berries"
Griffins Hockey

We've established that the forwards are scoring lots of goals and the defense is not only doing their jobs defensively, but also contributing offensively. I left the goalies for last, because they're the most difficult to accurately evaluate from just looking at the stats. Unfortunately, that's mostly what we have to go on. So..... away we go!

Petr Mrazek

2013-14 Regular Season 10 20 567 248 2.11 0.925 7 2 1 1 3 10 0.7 0 1
2012-13 Regular Season 42 97 2498 1053 2.33 0.916 23 16 3 2 8 26 0.692 0 1

2013 Calder Cup Playoffs 24 55 1431 603 2.31 0.916 15 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 4

Petr has played 10 games in Grand Rapids and 1 in Detroit. I think (personal speculation here) that he was injured for a couple games in Grand Rapids because he was pulled in the 1st period after allowing 2 goals, and then didn't play the next night. There's really no "injury disclosure" policy in the AHL so nothing was ever announced, but if you pull your star goalie after only allowing 2 goals, then play your backup the very next night for 3 games in a row, I'm going to be suspicious. He had a rough first 3 or games of the season (by his standards at least), but since his shutout against Edmonton with the Wings, he's won all 5 of his games with the Griffins and in his last 5 games, he has 1 shutout, and 3 other games he had a shutout until the opposing team scored in the final minute of the game. He's only allowed 6 goals in his last 5 games, and has a season record of 7-2-1. He's back to his AMrazing self. Some players need other players to help make them better, and other make those around them better. Mrazek makes the people around him better. At the beginning of the season Thomas McCollum said that working with Petr had helped him find "his comfort zone". Mrazek's calm, confident demeanor seems to inspire his teammates to be better, no matter where he's playing, and that's a very valuable quality to have in a teammate.

Thomas McCollum

2013-14 Regular Season 10 21 518 228 2.43 0.916 6 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
2012-13 Regular Season 31 81 1846 761 2.63 0.904 18 11 2 2 5 18 0.722 0 2

McCollum has played surprisingly well so far this season, especially compared to his performance the last couple of seasons; and it's been nice not only for McCollum and the team, but it also means Mrazek can have a few games off to breathe and rest as well. I don't think McCollum has a future with the Wings, and I'm not sure what the future will hold for Tommy, but It is nice that he's playing much better; well aside from those 2 shorthanded goals he gave up in the same game because he went behind the net to play the puck and left an open net. McCollum's biggest weakness is his confidence and mental resiliency. He was awful to start last season in Grand Rapids, and the whole team had no confidence in him, which was evident from their play on the ice in front of him. Everyone tried to do too much, in an attempt to shelter McCollum, and the team was not good at all. Mrazek was called up from Toledo 6 game into the season, took the reins, and never looked back. Listening to McCollum's comments, it sounds like Mrazek has helped him with his confidence and mental game, and Tommy's improvement has shown on the ice. If McCollum can maintain his improvement without the presence of Mrazek, he may have a future as an AHL starter or NHL backup, just not in Detroit or Grand Rapids. Even with his improvements, I think the goaltending pool is too deep in the Wings organization for McCollum to ever be more than the Griffins backup, and even Coreau and Paterson may leave no room for him there in the next couple years.

Jared Coreau

Season Team GP GA Mins Saves GAA SV% W L SOW SOL SOGA SOA SO% T SO
2013-14 Regular Season Grand Rapids Griffins 1 4 63 22 3.82 0.846 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Season Team GP GA MIN Saves GAA SV% W L OTL SOL SO
2013-14 Regular Season Toledo Walleye 6 25 351 195 4.27 0.872 1 3 2 0 0

Jared started his pro career on October 5th with a game in Grand Rapids with a 4-3 loss. He got the start and McCollum backed him up because Mrazek was up in Detroit backing up Jimmy Howard. Once Mrazek came back to Grand Rapids, Coreau was sent to the Walleye so he could get some playing time in. It's been a rough start so far for the rookie, but I haven't been able to find any video that indicates what he's struggling with, what he's improving on, if he's to blame for his numbers being so poor, or if the team has played a big role. I have questions but no answers. Coreau just picked up his first pro win on Saturday in a 6-2 win and was the 3rd star of the game. 4 of his losses in Toledo have been 1 goal games, and 2 have gone to overtime. Even the game he lost in Grand Rapids was in overtime. The message I'm getting from the numbers, without actually being able to watch him play, is that he's allowing too many goals, but the games aren't blowouts since 6 of his 7 losses have been 1 goal games.

He has a great learning attitude and during camp this summer he said that he knew he had a lot to work on, and is prepared to take his time developing. He has described himself as more of a "long term" work in progress, expressing the feeling that it may take him 3-5 years to be fully ready, but that's ok with him. I like the skill set he has, he's big (6'5" 207 pounds) athletic, and doesn't let players push him around or get in his face too much. His biggest weakness that I saw from watching him in camp and the Prospects Tournament this summer, if that he moved too much. Unnecessary movements cost him time and energy, however since he plays a more athletic style, some of that may just be part of his style. He's only 22 years old, and has 3 years of college hockey experience, and from his interviews he seems to be a very smart, dedicated, realistic, kid who I'm confident has the drive and discipline to make himself the best goalie he can be. I don't expect him to rise through the ranks quickly, like Mrazek has, but he'll take the time to make sure he masters his art, and has a solid foundation. Having him be a little further off is kind of nice, because it fits with the timeline of future Wings goalies. Maybe by the time he's ready for NHL duty, the wings will be looking for someone to back Mrazek up? It's a possibility anyway. With Mrazek, Paterson, and Coreau in the pipeline already, the Wings will have some nice options when it comes to goalies; and that's a nice change.

Here are a few interesting videos of Coreau:

Jared Coreau tracks the puck and makes a huge save vs Marlies Oct 5 2013 - YouTube
Coreau's first pro game: Griffins vs Marlies

2013 Prospects Tournament - Coreau Video - NHL VideoCenter - Detroit Red Wings
Coreau talks a little bit about his style, and his thoughts on making the transition to pro hockey.

Jared Coreau Training Video - YouTube
This will help give you an idea of how Coreau moves

Workout Routine of a College Goalie - YouTube
A look at the workout plan followed by Northern Michigan University hockey goalie Jared Coreau.

Ok, that's all for now. More prospect news to come.

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