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Lose-ipeg: Jets 4, Red Wings 2

Well that sucked.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

We know the narrative for this one. It was the third game in four nights. It was the final game of a road trip. The Red Wings were playing a Jets team that got embarrassed on home ice last time they played. It's was all there.

This game was frustrating. The Wings looked tired and they got outplayed all night long by the Jets. Props to Winnipeg. The refs weren't great either, but they were not even close to being an issue in the game. This one is all on the players. They just flat out played bad hockey.

Let's get to the bullets.

  • I have zero problems with fighting in hockey. Is it always necessary in a game? Nope. But, it does have a place in the game. However, staged fights like what Jordin Tootoo did at the beginning of the game are stupid. Flat out dumb. What's the f*cking point? It's two teams that haven't played in over two years? That fight really got the Wings going for this one in the 1st, thats for sure!

  • Almquist is Spanish for really little.

  • Danny DeKeyser with a dumb penalty and some turnovers in the 1st period. Kid settled down though as the game moved on.

  • The Jets had 14 shots in the 1st period. The Oilers had 14 shots all of last game.

  • Tough break for Kyle Quincey on the Jets first goal. Rolling puck, trying to keep it in on his backhand. I think that might have been the Wings first Budd Lynch goal of the season. I won't blame him solely for that goal. The Wings played like crap the entire period. The 1st line was bad.

  • You know who wasn't bad? Jimmy Howard. He almost stopped Bryan Little on the breakaway and made at least four real nice saves while the team in front of him blew. He was solid all night long. His glove was fantastic. This loss isn't on Jimmy.

  • Darren Helm is really back now. Two-on-none shorthanded chance with Brian Lashoff and Helm was stuffed.

  • The top line got better in the 2nd period. Todd Bertuzzi does what he needs to do and drives the net. Henrik Zetterberg's pass/shot goes off the defenseman's skate and beats Al Montoya. The puck does have a chance of going in without Bert's net drive.

  • Stephen Weiss might be pressing to put up points, but he's showing up in other ways on the ice. His work on the PK was fantastic through the first two periods. He created a nice scoring chance on a semi-breakaway.  He was also solid in the faceoff circle. His clean win on the PK set up Danny DeKeyser's shorthanded goal (and his first career goal too). And my goodness, what a perfect draw, perfect pass and perfect slap shot. That was textbook there. Great job by Weiss, Niklas Kronwall and DeKeyser.

  • This
  • Almquist is English for overmatched.

  • Way too many penalties tonight. That's a product of being out skated and outplayed by the Jets. ZOMG! can you imagine how many penalties Brendan Smith would have taken tonight?

  • 47 shots allowed. Let that sink in.

  • Frustrating game and a wasted opportunity for two very valuable points against a bad team.

Let's Go Red Wings.