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CSSI Analysis: Red Wings 2 - Jets 4

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Marianne Helm

The Red Wings lost to the Jets on purpose because they're aware of an archaic Canadian law that makes you the ruler of Western Canada if you beat all four professional teams west of Ontario on the same road trip. It's just that ruling all of Western Canada is something that the Red Wings are simply too busy to do right now, so they did the democratic thing and left Canada to the Canadians. What nice guys the Wings are.

I said this on Twitter, but it bears repeating:

The refs aren't the reason Detroit got outshot 47-28. Winnipeg thoroughly outplayed them and Detroit deserved to lose. Neither team scored on any of their chances (3 for DET, 6 for WPG), although Detroit did manage a shorty that at one point could have been a game-winner.

CSSI Methodology Explanation here

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Jimmy Howard had an amazing first period where he kept the Wings in the game, but was victimized by a defensive breakdown. Then, Jimmy Howard had an amazing second period where he kept the Wings in the game, but was victimized by a defensive breakdown. Changing it up in the third, Jimmy Howard had an amazing period where he kept the Wings in the game, but was victimized by TWO defensive breakdowns! Ok, just kidding on that one. Howard's third period wasn't really amazing or anything. Still, allowing four goals and having a .915 save percentage is stupid.

Also, Al Montoya played pretty well.

The Goals

1st Period 19:00 - Winnipeg Goal: Bryan Little (wrist shot) from Andrew Ladd
After nearly 20 full minutes of holding off the Jets, Jimmy Howard gets hung out to dry one too many times and lets in a goal. The play starts as the Wings are trying to establish the Cycle. Kindl pushes a puck behind the net for Cleary to chase. He's interfered with by Enstrom, but the puck gets through to Weiss in the corner skating up the boards. Weiss tries a backhand to Alfredsson in the circle, but he's well-covered by Ladd, who sweeps the puck back up the ice. Setoguchi also gives it a little tap just at the top of the circle. This sets the puck bouncing as it gets on Quincey at the point. Q whiffs on the puck and is helpless to stop Little jumping up on the play. The speedster heads off to the races all alone on Howard and gives just enough of a deke to open up the five hole and slide it through Howard's legs. Cleary and Kindl will be cleared of their minuses. Both are playing where they should be and Cleary is victimized by a blatant interference. Alfredsson will keep his minus. I think a bit more-aggressive jump gets him to the Weiss pass before Ladd gets it. Weiss will keep his minus as part of the turnover which creates the transition here. Quincey makes the big mistake here and will earn two minuses. Whiffing on the puck is bad enough of a turnover, but this is a time where he really ought to just take his man down and sit for two minutes.

2nd Period 07:09 - Detroit Goal: Henrik Zetterberg (wrist shot) from Pavel Datsyuk and Brian Lashoff
The Wings pull even on a good bounce in front of the net. After a back-and-forth shift, the Jets exit their own zone with numbers trying to get it deep for a change. Clitsome carries to center ice and tries to dump it. Lashoff is standing off at the blue line and blocks the dump-in attempt. Datsyuk is skating back and deftly puts it up ice to Zetterberg already turning the other way. As Z carries in on the left-wing side, Bert joins him up the middle in a 2-on-2. Z gets to the half-boards and throws the puck at the front of the net hoping to hit Bertuzzi. Instead, Bert leans on Clitsome coming back to defend and in trying to hold up his man, Clitsome puts his skate in the path of the puck to deflect it past his own goalie. The dump-in block by Lashoff makes this play happen. Lashoff will get a plus for this.

2nd Period 10:05 - Detroit Goal (SH): Danny DeKeyser (slap shot) from Niklas Kronwall and Stephen Weiss
Good PK work earns a faceoff in the Winnipeg zone that turns into a goal for the Wings off the win in the circle. Datsyuk and Zetterberg combine on the previous shift to force Montoya to ice the puck. Weiss lines up for the ensuing faceoff, winning it cleanly from the left dot to Kronwall on the wall. Kronner feeds it immediately to DeKeyser up top in the middle. Danny DK wastes no time in firing a one-timer that beats Montoya to the low glove side. Datsyuk and Zetterberg will get a plus for creating this faceoff and Weiss will get a plus for the beautifully clean faceoff win.

2nd Period 17:04 - Winnipeg Goal: Michael Frolik (wrist shot) from Mark Scheifele
Winnipeg pulls even on a neutral zone turnover and a good cross-ice pass. The Wings' backcheck creates a turnover at center ice, but the Jets get it back as pressure from Scheifele on Helm turns the puck over. Scheifele enters the Wings' zone on the right wing side with Halischuk driving the center (and Kindl) back to the net. Frolik slips in behind the D with Miller chasing back on him. Quincey can't stop the Scheifele pass and Miller is a step behind Frolik as the cross-ice feed hits him on the back door for the easy goal. Jordan Tootoo is the only one cleared here. Kindl's pass to Helm is a big part of why he gets pressured so quickly, which will mean Kindl keeps his minus. Just before the Scheifele pass, Quincey takes his stick away from that passing zone. This mistake will earn Quincey a half-minus. He has to keep this lane closed. Helm's turnover will earn him an extra minus. Miller is a step behind Frolik the entire way and will keep his minus.

3rd Period 04:27 - Winnipeg Goal: Matt Halischuk (snap shot) from Michael Frolik and Mark Scheifele
Some brutal defensive breakdowns in the Wings' zone leads to a Matt Halischuk goal from right in front to put the Jets ahead. A Lashoff shot is blocked in the high slot and brought through center by Frolik on the left wing. Abdelkader backchecks and Almquist stays on the boards to help (which is the wrong play), but the two of them can't combine to dispossess Frolik here as he gets the pass off to Scheifele in the middle. Scheifele tries to take advantage of the sudden 2-on-1 with a cross-ice to Halischuk but Lashoff blocks it back behind the net. Scheifele recovers the puck himself and rolls off a Lashoff check, Trying to feet it out front. The puck hits Almquist's skate and goes back to Frolik, who is skating around behind the play as it moves off the boards. Frolik steps out to the low corner and finds Halischuk in front for a one-timer goal. The mistakes here are numerous. Tatar will be cleared, as the puck stays away from his side. Abdelkader is playing appropriately, but lets the puck through him a couple times, so he'll keep his minus. Both Lashoff and Almquist get kind of unlucky bounces, but they also each have one pretty big mess-up. Almquist's extra minus will come from his mistake in pinching on Scheifele on the zone entry which allows the 2-on-1 to develop. Lashoff plays very well until he misses the big hit on Scheifele and then can't get back to stop the Halischuk shot out front. This will earn Lashoff a minus. Joakim Andersson also fails to prevent the Halischuk shot and will get an extra minus for that.

3rd Period 10:57 - Winnipeg Goal: Andrew Ladd (backhand) from Devin Setoguchi and Bryan Little
The Jets salt this one away with a hard-fought rebound goal in front. After an abbreviated Wings power play ends, the Jets gain possession on two overly fancy mistakes by Kindl in the neutral zone. First, instead of taking the blue line, he tries a pass to Weiss in the middle that gets broken up by Ladd. Then Kindl gets it back and tries a spinning blind pass to the center that Little picks off. Tatar steps up on Little to keep him from turning up ice, but Little gets it to Setoguchi coming up the right wing and now Kindl is caught up ice as Ladd joins his teammate on a two-on-one rush. Almquist stays upright and in the passing zone as Setoguchi steps into prime scoring real estate just inside the right dot and fires a shot. Howard stops this one, but the rebound bounces off Almquist and stays in the slot as players fight for it. Ladd wins the battle and sweeps a backhand under Jimmy for the goal. Andersson will have his minus cleared, as he had just stepped on for Weiss and is behind the play the whole time. Tatar does what he can, but he turns a possible 3-on-2 into a 2-on-1 and I think he'd be better served to back off on Little and adjust in the zone. I'm going to let Tatar keep his minus here. Almquist actually does admirably here, considering he's the only man back. He bodies off his man (Setoguchi) to keep him from scoring on the rebound, but he doesn't clear the puck and for that he'll keep his minus. In the time it takes the rebound to come down, Cleary has gotten back, but he overskates the play and isn't in position to tie up Ladd like he should be. This is going to cost Cleary an extra half-minus. The big mistake here is the double-turnover by Kindl. He turns an easy zone entry into an odd-man rush as he gets himself badly caught. I'm going to give Kindl a minus and a half on this sequence.

Penalty Adjustments

1st Period 00:16 - Jordin Tootoo & Chris Thorburn (fisty cuffs): Hey good job settling an old score,or whatever the hell it was you two were doing right off the opening faceoff. Real good job on this fight guys. We're all totally impressed over here. No adjustment.
1st Period 03:26 - Danny DeKeyser: Devin Setoguchi battles behind the Wings' net along the boards and draws DeKeyser into a holding call. Can't hold the guy that long. DeKeyser will get a minus.
1st Period 09:14 - Pavel Datsyuk (hooking):
DAfter a blue line turnover by DeKeyser, the Jets come up ice with DK and Datsyuk back. Pavel takes the wrong angle and waves at the puck, allowing Ladd to come in on a breakaway. As a last-ditch effort, Datsyuk hooks his man. Howard stops the shot, but Datsyuk goes to the box, earning a minus.
1st Period 14:05 - Devin Setoguchi (hooking):
Dan Cleary skates through center and gets around the first man, but is slowed down when he reaches in to hook Cleary on the hands. It's a good move, good positioning, and good work to keep moving. Cleary will earn a plus.

2nd Period 01:45 - Jakub Kindl (hooking): The Wings turn it over in the neutral zone, turning Wheeler back into the Wings' end. Kindl is caught flat-footed here and lets Wheeler get around him, hooking him in the process. Kindl will get a minus.
2nd Period 08:48 - Detroit Bench (too many men):
The Wings get caught on a long shift in their own zone. When they finally get a clear, Al Montoya races to the loose puck to try and catch them changing. This leads to havoc on the bench and a too many men call. This is a genius play by Montoya. The problem is that both wingers (Alfredsson and Cleary) come on, but Tatar doesn't get off. The mistake is Alfredsson's here, who doesn't recognize his man didn't come off. Alfredsson will get a minus.

3rd Period 08:10 - Niklas Kronwall (slashing): This is a brutally awful call, especially considering the shit the refs let go earlier in this period. No adjustment.
3rd Period 08:37 - Andrew Ladd (tripping): On the PP, Ladd gets his stick tangled in Brian Lashoff's skates and brings him down. This isn't a drawn call. No adjustment.
3rd Period 13:28 - Brian Lashoff (hooking):
After getting walked by Scheifele, Lashoff gets his stick up and takes another penalty. This one is a stronger call than the others in this period and a dumb play by Lashoff, who will get a minus.
3rd Period 17:16 - Grant Clitsome (hooking):
This one's a bit soft too, but Weiss and Bertuzzi will each get a half-plus for pressuring and causing a turnover in a dangerous area.

Bonus Ratings

-1 to Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetterberg and Todd Bertuzzi: The Wings' top line got dominated in this one. Datsyuk looked particularly un-Datsyukian in putting up a 38% faceoff win stat.

Honorable Mentions:

The official in-game adjustments did a pretty good job with this one. I thought Tatar worked hard, but sometimes he got caught up doing too much. Weiss was an overall positive and that showed on the scoresheet. Almquist really struggled and the Wings' top pair was actualy pretty good.

Current Game Chart

Season Totals Chart

Screener's Assist Totals

Player Name Screener's Assists Totals
Jonathan Ericsson 1
Johan Franzen 2
Justin Abdelkader 0.5
Todd Bertuzzi 2