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CSSI Analysis: Red Wings 3 - Stars 4 (OT)

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Losing only one game at a time isn't cool and since the Red Wings don't want to be uncool, they blew a lead against the Stars and lost. Cool!

Dallas scored a power play goal to break an impressive streak of penalties killed by the Wings, overall going 1/2. On the other side, Dallas apparently played a completely clean game and the Wings got zero power plays because of it. In reality, the worst non-call of the game was probably Mikael Samuelsson boarding a guy in the 2nd period. Still, there was a pretty bad hook on Daniel Alfredsson, a trip on Bertuzzi, and a cross-check on Almquist that I think should have been called. That's the problem of being in the lead for a big portion of the game, I guess.

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Jimmy Howard didn't have a great game, giving up a soft goal and putting up a sub-.900 save percentage. Lehtonen wasn't too impressive either, but I think he made more strong saves.

The Goals

2nd Period 07:44 - Detroit Goal: Todd Bertuzzi (slap shot) from Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk
The Wings get on the boards first on a one-timer from the middle thanks to some incredible board-battling by a guy who just has to piss the other team off with how difficult he is to get the puck past. The play starts with a simple dump-in by Kindl that Gonchar goes back to collect. Datsyuk gets on him immediately and steals the puck away, but Gonchar pokes it back off his stick. Roussel comes in to help, but has his pass attempt knocked down by Datsyuk again behind the net. Pavel tries to go up the boards, but the puck bounces off Roussel's stick and into the low faceoff circle where Zetterberg collects it. Z turns and feeds it up to the high slot where Bertuzzi steps into it and blasts it past Lehtonen. This play is all Datsyuk, who will get a plus for his one-man forecheck.

2nd Period 14:50 - Detroit Goal: Adam Almquist (snap shot) from Henrik Zetterberg and Todd Bertuzzi
Board-battling behind the net once again leads to a pass which finds an open man in front for a quick goal, this one for the first of Adam Almquist's NHL career. The Wings get possession on a Dallas dump-and-change. Almquist-to-Quincey-to-Bertuzzi gets the Wings through center. Bert tries a cross-corner dump that's gloved down back towards the top of the zone. Bert is able to collect the loose puck and skate in with it. Bert tries a backhander from the slot which is blocked by Dillon, but he follows up and gets it to the corner, skating around Robidas to get to it first. From here, Bert goes behind the net to Zetterberg, who gets position on Dillon to turn and face up the ice for a look which pays off when he feeds it from the mid-corner to Almquist jumping up into the play. Almquist snaps it through Lehtonen and it's 2-0 Wings. This is a great hustle play by Bertuzzi, which will earn him a plus.

2nd Period 19:39 - Dallas Goal: Shawn Horcoff (wrist shot) from Ray Whitney and Alex Chiasson
Dallas breaks the shutout on a defensive zone turnover which leaves a player all alone out front for an easy goal. Dallas gets the puck into the zone with 35 seconds left in the period with Chiasson going up the left wing and Whitney driving the front of the net. Chiasson protects around to the right-side corner until he's eventually brought down by Quincey. THe puck slides up the ice just past the stick of Tatar. Whitney gets to it before Tatar can settle and just fires the puck to the front of the net. Howard goes down to makes the stop, but Horcoff picks it up before it gets there and is able to change the angle to roof it over the blocker side. Nobody is in particularly great position here. Andersson is in the least-wrong spot and will have his minus halved on the play (his responsibility here is the far side point, since Abdelkader is low). Quincey isn't terribly out of position, since he had just taken his man down in the corner, but he's kind of lucky he didn't get a penalty for taking Chiasson down and will keep his minus for that. Tatar has to get the puck here. Failure to do so will earn Tatar a half-minus for what is essentially a turnover. The big mistakes here are Abdelkader and Kindl. Abby is covering Horcoff in the corner, but releases that coverage and leaves him alone out front. Kindl either has to be directly in front to cover Horcoff or he has to keep the puck from getting through him. Abelkader and Kindl will each get a minus.

3rd Period 04:08 - Dallas Goal: Jamie Benn (backhand) unassisted
Dallas pulls even on a very good individual effort by Benn and some weak lateral movement by Howard. A Mishandle by Helm at center turns the puck over to Benn, who does a quick turn just inside his own blue line and starts building up speed through center. Benn steps through Miller and Helm at the center stripe, then shoulder-fakes Samuelsson in the middle of the ice to keep him honest. Next, he goes forehand-backhand to step across Kronwall and cut to the middle of the ice. From here, he regathers the puck in the low slot and is able to backhand the puck past Howard just before falling. Howard does not track this play across his crease well and this goal is somewhat soft. I'm going to halve the minuses of Miller, Samuelsson, Kindl, and Kronwall initially. Datsyuk will have his minus cleared, as he steps on for Helm behind this play. On the flip side, Helm will get his minus back, but will also have it halved by the softness of the goal. Now that's out of the way, let's add some extra minuses... Helm's neutral zone turnover will get him an extra half-minus for a turnover. Both Miller and Samuelsson will get extra half-minuses for getting blown past and deked by Benn, respectively. Kronwall will earn a full minus for biting so hard on Benn's move and being unable to take his man down. Kindl will be cleared. He'd be acting irresponsibly to leave his coverage to help out after all of his linemates get embarrassed by Benn on this play.

3rd Period 11:34 - Detroit Goal: Pavel Datsyuk (snap shot) from Henrik Zetterberg and Jakub Kindl
Detroit retakes the lead on just some amazingly pretty puck movement and handling and a boner-inducing finish. The Stars force an easy dump-in, but the forecheck by Datsyuk and Bertuzzi leads to an odd play where the puck gets temporarily caught in somebody's equipment behind the net. The puck finally falls out and Bertuzzi is able to hold off Jordie Benn as the puck goes to the corner. Datsyuk outraces Benn and skates up the side boards with it. Nichuskin pinches to help at the top of the circle, but Datsyuk puts it through his legs to Lashoff, who quickly moves it to Kindl on the right side point. Kindl goes low to Zetterberg in the corner and Z immediately slaps a pass back up to the opposite side for Datsyuk at the top of the circle. Pavel is already moving toward the center of the ice when he catches Horcoff flat-footed and easily dekes through his man. Once in the slot, Pavel has Lehtonen dead as he fakes to the backhand before bringing it back forehand quickly and zipping it in on the near side. Bertuzzi will get a bonus plus on this and Datsyuk will get a plus and a half. Zetterberg makes an amazing pass and will earn a half-plus. I'm also going to give Bert a half-screener's assist here. Lehtonen is partially craning here because if Datsyuk does go to the backhand, he's completely screened. I think this slows down Lehtonen's reaction in front.

3rd Period 18:50 - Dallas Goal (PP): Cody Eakin (wrist shot) from Sergei Gonchar
Dallas ties it on a late power play goal with an empty net because why not? Eakin collects a rebound on the right half-board and draws Zetterberg over to him before passing back to Gonchar at the point. When Z goes out to challenge Gonchar, he passes it back to Eakin, who steps off the half-boards. Kronwall is caught between being able to aggressively challenge Eakin and having to worry about the coverage on Horcoff down low just to Howard's left. Eakin fires a bullet that goes off Howard's blocker and in. It's a good shot, but I think Kronwall has to block this one. Kronner will pull a minus. It's a snap decision, but a better lane block or more aggressive path gives the Stars an opportunity to screw up the advantageous 2-on-1 this would have created in front of the net (especially considering Datsyuk was already tracking back to the net-front on this play anyway and would have been able to cover for DeKeyser moving over to challenge Horcoff had the pass gotten there). I also think Zetterberg tracks too high in the zone here as a feature of his momentum after he's a little slow to start backing off Eakin in an non-dangerous position on the half-boards before he passes to Gonchar. Zetterberg will get a half-minus.

Overtime 04:41 - Dallas Goal: Rich Peverley (snap shot) from Valeri Nichuskin and Alex Goligoski
Dallas denies the shootout late in overtime with another heartbreaker goal. The Wings lose possession on transition in the neutral zone and Eakin is able to carry it in and get two shot attempts. The second goes wide of the net and ends up on Goligoski's stick at the opposite side half-boards. Goligoski spins & passes across the center of the ice. it's not a good pass, but Helm is a half-second slow to react to it, so Daley is able to pick it up and take it to the left point where he dumps it back behind the goal. Nichuskin can't handle it cleanly and it ends up back on Goligoski's stick as he pinches back in to the half-board and pushes it back to the corner for Nichuskin to control. Almquist tracks Nichuskin around behind the net and all the way up to the hash-marks on the opposite boards. Here, Nichuskin drops it to Peverley skating into his wake. The transition of the defenders here gives Peverley room to circle into the high slot and fire a shot through traffic that beats Howard for the game-winner. Bertuzzi is tripped by Chiasson to start this play, but I don't think that actually makes a difference. Bert turns the puck over and is partially screening Howard on the game-winner. He also lets Goligoski make a good play twice. I'm going to give Bert an extra minus on this sequence. Helm will get a half-minus on his coverage. The first Goligoski cross-ice pass is a bad one and Helm having his stick in the lane potentially lands him a breakaway chance. Quincey will get an extra minus, as Peverley is his coverage responsibility and he whiffs on him twice. Almquist will also get a minus. He plays this sequence far too soft, allowing Nichuskin far too much room to make a play.

Penalty Adjustments

1st Period 11:17 - Daniel Cleary (boarding): Cleary plants Gonchar in the numbers low in the Wings' zone after the Dallas blueliner pinches in to keep a puck in. Obvious call here. Minus for Cleary.

3rd Period 17:16 - Justin Abdelkader (goaltender interference): Abdelkader drives the net and is bumped by Daley on an attempt to cross over the front. I think he pushes the contact back on Daley instead of cutting off here and ends up in an unavoidable path into Lehtonen. I think he forced this on himself. Abdelkader will get a minus.

Bonus Ratings

-1 to Stephen Weiss, Daniel Alfredsson, and Daniel Cleary: The Wings' 2nd line was badly invisible in this game against a line they should have outplayed.
+1.5 to Tomas Tatar: He got a bit unlucky on the Horcoff goal, but Tatar drove the possession numbers on his line and was easily the most-dominant non-Datsyuk player on the ice in this game.

Honorable Mentions:

Dekeyser was close to a plus, but a number of mistakes prevented that. He was decent, but unspectacular. Quincey had a more-egregious mistake than any of DeKeyser's small goofs when he got absolutely walked by Nichuskin late in the 2nd, but I thought he otherwise had a good and calm game.

Current Game Chart

Season Totals Chart

Screener's Assist Totals

Player Name Screener's Assists Totals
Jonathan Ericsson 1
Johan Franzen 2
Justin Abdelkader 0.5
Todd Bertuzzi 2.5