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GameCenter Live Review

This young hockey player is watching GCL on his phone!
This young hockey player is watching GCL on his phone!

One of the perks of writing for SBNation is free NHL GameCenter Live! In exchange for the product, we here at WIIM must write an honest review of the product. As the member of the site that uses the product the most, I've been given the task of telling you just why GCL is awesome. Honestly… it is awesome. There are some flaws to it, nothing is perfect, but for someone like me who is on the go a lot and doesn't get the opportunity to sit down on the couch every night and watch hockey… it's the perfect way for me to view the Red Wings.

It should be noted, though, that if you live in Michigan and/or Red Wings TV territory, all the Detroit games will be blacked out. This is a game package for the fans who live out of their market.

The Good of GameCenter Live:

  • Hands down the best part of GCL is that I can watch it anywhere. I work nights, so a majority of the time, I am not home when the Red Wings are playing. Having GCL gives me the ability to watch the games at my desk at work or on my phone if I'm running around the building.

  • Replays! Can't watch a game? Don't worry. GCL allows you to watch games after the fact. Sometimes I can't check out a game while at work or for whatever reason. I shield myself from the score and when I get home in the middle of the night, GCL allows me to go back and watch that night's game.

  • Angry that the game you're watching isn't giving you a replay that you want? Have no fear! GCL allows you to rewind just like a DVR. Most people probably have DVRs on their TVs these days, but having the option on GCL is nice.

  • If you have the proper internet connection, the video quality is excellent. I used to order Center Ice and 9 times out of 10 you had to watch a standard definition game. GCL allows me to watch HD hockey.

  • The ability to stream through other platforms is great. Last season, my roommate owned an Apple TV and we were able to watch games through the GCL app. You couldn't even tell it was a stream of a game. Looked just like fancy high def television. You can also stream through your XBox or PS3.

The Bad of GameCenter Live:
  • No games that air on NBCSN or NHL Network. This sucks big time because I don't have those channels at my apartment and I don't have NHLN at my desk at work.

  • You're watching your game on your computer (unless you stream through Apple TV or gaming system). This isn't that great if you like to chat on Twitter, WIIM or elsewhere during the game.

  • The games are behind real time. This also doesn't help if you're on Twitter or other social media. You'll read someone scored and than about a minute later it will actually happen on the game you're watching. I have to put my phone on silent to avoid getting Twitter notifications or text messages and spoiling the game.
Ultimately, I think GCL is a good a deal. If you can't be home at night, GCL is by far your best option to watch games. When I had Comcast or Fios, all I got were games in SD. Hockey looks like crap in SD. I had to DVR games and avoid the scores (which is really hard to do when you work at a sports network) and watch the games when I got home at midnight or later. Now, with GCL, I can just watch the games anywhere. It's prefect for the fan on the move.

Let's Go Red Wings.