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Lightning Strikes: Tampa Bay Lightning 3 - Detroit Red Wings 2 (OT)

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Agh!!! That was a serious bummer.

After Michigan's dismal loss just a couple of hours ago, I didn't think that I could be let down anymore. And while the Wings' defensive mistakes aren't even close to Devin Gardner's inability to get rid of the football, you have to be a bit concerned with the current Wings team.

Another game, and another loss. Not good.

To the bullets!

  • The Red Wings took the 1-0 lead early through their captain, Heinrich Henrik Zetterberg. Thanks to a beautiful assist by Steven Stamkos, Zetterberg was able to shoot the puck past the massive Ben Bishop, and give the Wings the lead.
  • A couple of minutes later Ryan Malone tied the game up for the Lightning. The goal was a perfect example of piss-poor defending by the Wings. Bertuzzi, Lashoff, and DeKeyser were all casually bunched up around the net, allowing for Malone to sneak around the goal and score on a helpless Howard.
  • The Wings seemed to get a huge break in the 2nd period when they had 3 straight PP's, including 30 seconds of a 5-on-3, however, according to strict Red Wing doctrine, one shalt not score on the powerplay.
  • And to make matters worse Steven Stamkos scored right after Tampa killed their final penalty. Good job boys!
  • It was Ken Hollands birthday today. He's 58 right now, and assuming he retires at 60, Steve Yzerman should be right back where he belongs in no time.
  • Speaking of Stevie Y, Fox Sports Detroit interviewed him during the 2nd intermission. Initially Stevie and Mickey talked about Tampa and his time there before finally getting to the subject matter which everyone truly cared about, his status for the alumni game. Yzerman said that he hadn't really thought about it yet, which I really doubt is true, and said that he has a very busy schedule around that time. My guess is that he's playing but is just trying to look professional.
  • The third period was just plain bland. Nothing particularly bad, but nothing good either. Until...
  • HENRIK ZETTERBERG scored his 2nd goal of the night to tie the game up for the Wings with 4 minutes left in the third period. Curly fries maybe?
  • OT was pretty dismal for the Wings. No scoring opportunities and another defensive mistake allowed Teddy Purcell to win the game for the Lightning.
The Wings have a total of 2 points in their last 3 games. Considering that two of the three are home games, you have to be a little alarmed by this.

On the bright side, Darren Helm looks as if he hasn't missed a beat. He is still his speedy self, and actually seems to be a bit more skilled with the hands this season. Maybe it's just my lack of Helm for the past year, or maybe I'm on to something. Who knows?

Next up for the Wings are Winnipeg Jets (again) on Tuesday, but this time the two teams faceoff in Detroit.

Let's Go Red Wings!

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