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Jimmy Howard has MCL Sprain, will Miss 2-4 Weeks. Emmerton Demoted, Eaves & Glendening Called Up

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See you on the other side
See you on the other side
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Following up on the injury news from this week in regards to Jimmy Howard and the sudden recall of Petr Mrazek to cover for Jonas Gustavsson, we have the results of his MRI and the news isn't good.

According to WebMD, the apex of sites you should never check your own symptoms against, a grade 1 sprain is the milder type, although they say that it's a 1-3 week healing process while a grade 2 sprain is the one that extends your time off to a month.  Hell, I'm not a doctor. All I know is that Jonas Gustavsson is the Wings' starter for what's likely to be the rest of December so all those crazy people who wanted Gustavsson to be the starter get their way and that makes me very sad in my sanity gland (once again: not a doctor).

On the other side of the coin, the Wings have returned Cory Emmerton to the Grand Rapids Griffins, as he's now played 9 games and would have to be placed back on waivers to be sent down if he were to get in another game. In his place comes up two Griffins (with roster room coming from a combination of Emmerton's demotion and Mrazek's being there on emergency duty for now). Patrick Eaves will get another chance to make a name for himself after clearing waivers in the middle of November, and Luke Glendening will probably take over the 4th line center spot in Emmerton's place.

Eaves will see his 10-game/30-day clock start before he'd have to clear waivers again and the 24-year old Glendening will start to chip away at the 51 remaining games he has left to play before he earns his waiver status.

In a combined 12 games played for Eaves and Glendening, neither has scored a point.