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CSSI Analysis: Red Wings 0 - Lightning 3

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Petr Mrazek played well enough to earn a win behind a Red Wings team that didn't play well enough to get one for him thanks to their total zero goals scored. Neither of the goals he allowed were weak. In fact, he probably could have been excused for two more.

The Goals

3rd Period 03:13 - Tampa Bay Goal: Tyler Johnson (tip in) from Martin St Louis and Ondrej Palat
The Bolts break the tie in the third period off a transition turnover and a simple tip. A Kindl-to-Tatar cross-ice pass trying to break the Wings out of the zone turns bad when Tatar gets his head up and realizes that he has Johnson bearing down at him. Tatar makes a move to save himself from getting creamed by Johnson, but Palat is able to pick up the puck moving the other way across the blue line. Palat circles down the left side with both St. Louis and Johnson crashing to the middle. At the bottom of the circle, Palat tosses it toward the middle. St. Louis tips it, but the puck gets all the way through to where Johnson simply has to redirect it on his forehand around Mrazek and in. Miller and Andersson will be cleared as victims having just come onto the ice. The turnover minus will be split between Tatar and Kindl. The pass isn't coming fast enough and the player isn't moving quickly enough, which allows the pressure to get on the Wings. I'm also going to give Tatar and Kindl another half-minus for coverage, as neither recovers well enough to prevent a goal on a mistake they caused. Kronwall is kind of caught up in this, but he's got to attack Johnson's stick more aggressively to prevent this easy tip. Kronwall will get a half-minus.

3rd Period 09:16 - Tampa Bay Goal: J.T. Brown (tip in) from Nate Thompson
Tampa gets another on a bad defensive play in the zone covering on a guy driving the net. The Bolts get possession as the Wings fail a zone entry and then change, pushing all five Wings behind the center stripe and allowing Tampa to control how they get into the zone. Gudas fires a slapper from center which Mrazek stops and hands to Kronwall skating back. Kronner drags a forechecker behind the net with him while going back off the boards to Ericsson on the near-side corner. Riggy is pressured by Kucherov in the corner and ends up losing the puck, which Brown picks up at the half-boards and throws across the ice. Thompson skates in and picks it up on the opposite side, getting to the bottom of the circle before throwing it toward the front of the net, where Brown is able to tip it past Mrazek on the back door. Cleary will have his minus cleared and Eaves' will be halved (Cleary just got on and doesn't factor. Eaves is part of the possession change which leads to this play). Kronwall will keep his minus. The pass to Ericsson is the right play, but the Brown cross-ice goes right through him and he doesn't aggressively pick anybody up. He just kind of floats through an area instead of taking charge. Datsyuk outright blows the coverage on Brown. He has the inside positioning, but loses track and misses the pass. This will earn Datsyuk a minus. Ericsson will get a minus and a half here. The turnover at the Bolts' blue-line is caused by him putting a pass in Eaves' skate, which accounts for the half. The turnover in his own zone will make up the rest of the problem.

3rd Period 18:45 - Tampa Bay Goal: Alexander Killorn (penalty) from Valtteri Filppula and Eric Brewer
Just an empty-netter this time. All six guys on the ice (Kindl, Nyquist, Andersson, Tatar, Bertuzzi, Kronwall) share blame here. Everybody will keep his minus. No adjustment.

Penalty Adjustments

2nd Period 03:05 - Tyler Johnson (hooking): Johnson comes in on a forecheck and Kindl turns away from him to keep good body position. Jonson responds by hooking his man. This is more on Johnson, but Kindl will get a half-plus for smart play.
2nd Period 04:35 - Johan Franzen (unsporstmanlike): Franzen is unhappy about taking a check to the face without a call and breaks his stick at the bench before shouting something unfriendly at the stripes. The ref is apparently very sensitive to that kind of stuff, but not to guys getting elbowed in the face, so he takes Franzen off for two minutes. I know it's harsh to give a guy a minus for a ref being sensitive, but Mule's got to calm down. Half-minus for Franzen.
2nd Period 06:13 - Detroit Bench (too many men): Late in the power play for the Lightning, the Wings are changing their PKers, but Ericsson gets spooked by the Lightning moving up and decides not to come off. Riggy has to know better than this. Ericsson will get a minus.
2nd Period 16:51 - Tyler Johnson (high sticking): Riggy gets to a loose puck and turns to get the clear, taking a stick to the face for his trouble. Johnson has to control his stick, but this is a good play by Ericsson to get to the puck and help prevent what would have been a great scoring chance. Plus for Ericsson.
2nd Period 09:41 - Kyle Quincey (tripping): Mrazek turns the puck over on an attempted dump up the boards. In response, Quincey kicks the skate out from under his man. Minus for Quincey. He was making up for a teammate's mistake, but that wasn't a crucial penalty to take.

3rd Period 12:17 - Ondrej Palat (hooking): Smith turns with a puck at his own blue line and Palat takes him down. No adjustment here. This one really is Palat just being dumb.

Bonus Ratings


Honorable Mentions:

Not being a minus in this game is as god as being a plus. This was a pretty awful performance.

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Screener's Assist Totals

Player Name Screener's Assists Totals
Jonathan Ericsson 1
Johan Franzen 2
Justin Abdelkader 1.5
Todd Bertuzzi 2.5
Tomas Tatar 1
Darren Helm 1