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EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Scene from HBO's 24/7

HBO's 24/7 started last weekend with a look into the lives of the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs. One of the early stars of the show was Toronto's captain Dion Phaneuf with his wife Elisha Cuthbert. With people clamoring for more access, one of our spies was able to retrieve a leaked scene from next week's episode. Here's what he found.

Picture is unrelated
Picture is unrelated
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Special thanks to Book of Loob (@bookofloob) for putting his life on the line to sneak this scene away for us to see. This hero to freedom everywhere can be found on Twitter or at Also other places, I'm sure.


[Liev Schreiber:] The trials and tribulations of an NHLer is wrought with adversity on the ice, but it presents a legion of challenges in their personal lives. Long periods of time on the road away from families, waking up in a new city, a new hotel bed everyday, missing the pivotal moments in a young son or daughter's early development are just a sample of the perils of the seemingly glamorous lives of the professional hockey player.

So when the chance for reprieve presents itself, these larger than life warriors hang up their skates for but a short time and focus on being regular husbands, fathers, and humans in general with the ones they love.

For Dion Phaneuf and his wife, actress Elisha Cuthbert, even taking it slow is done differently. With Cuthbert being a recognizable Hollywood face, and Phaneuf being a modern day Neanderthal, a sub species of Homo Sapien not seen since the Ancient Pleistocene Age, there are no normal days.

Elisha Cuthbert: "I love Dion, but there are days on those long road trips where I feel so much more relaxed. I'm so busy as it is, going to auditions, meeting with my agent, it's hard to do all of that while Dion is at home. Most of my day is spent making sure he doesn't accidentally eat our dog, Pearl. He's always chasing her with a club," [a smile offering genuine affection and admiration for her husband crawls onto her face.]

"I don't even know where he found that club, but I like that he's finally learning how to use tools"

Dion Phaneuf: "I eat dog"

[Schrieber:] In a city like Toronto, where the locals bleed Leafs Blue, the notion of privacy is at best a glimmer of hope off beyond a distant horizon. For Cuthbert, this is nothing new, as the former '24' and 'Happy Endings' star is similarly used to being strongly in the public eye. For this, a rare moment alone in their penthouse apartment, with only a large HBO camera crew and their 6 month old puppy, Pearl, a few moments of true domestic living feels more forced and strange than the couple's demanding professional subsistence.

Cuthbert: "Dion, what do you want for breakfast?"

Phaneuf: "Meat"

[Cuthbert hands Phaneuf a raw slab of meat, which Phaneuf then repeatedly slams his forehead into to tenderize it.]

Cuthbert: "Do you want any coffee?"

Phaneuf: [/incoherent grunt]

Cuthbert: "Don't forget we're going to that charity function tomorrow. It's nothing too formal, what do you think you'll wear?"

Phaneuf: "BOWTIE"

Cuthbert: "But you still haven't learned to tie a real bowtie yet, how about you ju.."


[Phaneuf then throws his plate against wall, and seeing shiny shards of the plate on the floor, runs after it, repeatedly slamming his whole body into the wall, apparently not noticing that he's doing it.]

[Schrieber:] The time alone though does give hockey's power couple a chance to sit down for a few quiet moments and flesh out the various concerns they have in their individual avocations.

Phaneuf: "Me suspended. Two games. Sad Dion"

Cuthbert: "My show was cancelled. I'm worried that my time as an actress might be coming to an end unless I dramatically re-shape my style or take on a really uncomfortable role. It's challenging"

Phaneuf: "Sad is too? Go rich person only restaurant?"

Cuthbert: "I know you think you mean Burger King, Dion, but the place you're actually talking about is Shoto, and yes, let's go there"

Phaneuf: "Is not place with big crown?"

Cuthbert: "No Dion, but Shoto is one of the best ra..."


[Schreiber:] And of course, the time away from the rink allows the Leafs to spend some rare intimate moments in the boudoir with their significant others, or at least the ones they try to meet at the club. For Phaneuf and Cuthbert, and our camera crew, the scene could not be more romantic.

Phaneuf: "SEX WE DO NOW, WOMAN?"

Cuthbert: "Dion, no, we're in a Burger King"

Phaneuf: "Is sad"

[Schreiber:] And before it even began, it's all over. For the Leafs, it's back to the next airport, the next plane, the next destination. The next chance to redeem themselves for the last loss. It's a fast pace, and they wouldn't have it any other way. This is the theater they dreamed of headlining as children, an icy stage where they are the star. They have reached the pinnacle of their life ambitions, and have learned that once you get there, it's time to keep going.

For them, hockey is 24/7.