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Quinceymania: Kyle Quincey Suspension Free

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Kyle Quincey receives no disciplinary action regarding his hit from behind on Ducks' captain Ryan Getzlaf.

Jen Fuller

The NHL Player Safety Department announced this afternoon that there would be no action taken on Red Wings' defenseman Kyle Quincey.

That's right, even the NHL hates the Red Wings and wants them to lose, not just the hockey gods. The good news is that Kyle is now able to accept invitations to split fish tacos with you.

This news follows the five game suspension handed out to Deryk Engelland for his concussion inducing hit on Justin Abdelkader. There is no timetable, according to the Detroit Free Press, for Abdelkader's return.

Jordin Tootoo has also been recalled from the Griffins as of this afternoon.

[Edit: Let's let Nick Cotsonika explain why Quincey wasn't suspended, read in top-down order]