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CSSI Analysis: Red Wings 3 - Flames 2 (OT)

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The Red Wings finally did what we were afraid would never happen again and earned a victory at home. I'm sure when the luster wears off this overtime squeaker over what's likely going to be a lottery team that I won't still be this happy, but right now I don't care.

Neither fanbase is happy with the refereeing in this game. Some weird stuff was let go and about half the penaltieswere either super-soft or flat-out phantom calls. Each team marked one goal with the man advantage. Calgary had five chances to Detroit's four, but overall the Wings held a 38-22 shot advantage.

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Jonas Gustavsson aggressively playing angles bit him again in this game on a rebound from behind the net, but he made the saves necessary to keep the Wings in the game and get the win. I thought he played very well.

The Goals

1st Period 00:26 - Detroit Goal: Daniel Alfredsson (snap shot) from Pavel Datsyuk and Niklas Kronwall
The Wings get an early goal in the first as Alfie finds the puck in front with enough time to snap a shot through the goalie for the 1-0 lead. Pavel Datsyuk dumps it in to let Bertuzzi and Alfredsson forecheck. Hudler gets it on the far-side boards but doesn't get much on a clearing dump thanks to some pressure by Bertuzzi. The puck is picked off by Kronwall with enough space to take a shot through Alfredsson's legs and just wide. The puck bounces to Datsyuk at the dot on the other side and he immediately throws it back on net. Ramo stops the puck, but kicks it straight to Alfie between the hash marks for the goal. This one Is all about the quick puck movement on the turnover. I'm going to give Bert a half-plus for helping create the turnover which made this happen.

1st Period 05:11 - Calgary Goal: Mikael Backlund (wrist shot) from Mike Cammalleri and Kris Russell
Just as expected, the Flames pull even on another goddamn rebound goal from behind the net. A couple cross-ice passes through the Calgary zone and center gets Cammalleri into the Wings' zone where he gets it to the top of the circle and fires around a Jonathan Ericsson block wide of the net. The puck bounces behind the net off the boards and comes out the other side where Backlund wins the race for it. Only Bertuzzi will be cleared. He's responsible for the point and it's the right play not to charge the net like a bull on that rebound shot. I think Ericsson had an opportunity to step up at the blue line with Datsyuk backchecking that he passed up on. Datsyuk is actually responsible for Russell trailing late, but if he skates a bit harder on Cammalleri he might prevent this play. Alfredsson isn't in particularly good position and he's responsible for Calgary having the puck anyway, having previously killed the Wings' setup from behind their own net with a Murphy-dump from his own blue line that I don't think was necessary. Once again, Kronwall blows the coverage and will get an extra minus.

2nd Period 11:38 - Detroit Goal: Joakim Andersson (tip in) from Daniel Alfredsson and Pavel Datsyuk
The Wings pull back ahead after a penalty kill and solid zone entry/battle to free it up for a tippable point shot which (surprise!) gets tipped. Ericsson and Alfredsson battle in the Wings' zone to free a puck to Datsyuk, who has room to get through center thanks to Andersson cherry picking up ice. Datsyuk walks in and almost splits the D, but is driven to the corner where Andersson helps him with an Ericsson step-up deep to the corner. This frees it for Pav to pass it back to Alfredsson covering the point and the defense badly collapsed. Alfredsson takes a few steps off the boards to change the angle and let Andersson get to the front of the net before he fires a slapper that deflects off Jester and goes into the net. Ericsson makes two good plays here and will get a plus and a half. Alfredsson will get a half-plus for helping free the puck. Datsyuk will get a plus for the drive into the zone and puck recovery. Andersson will get a half-plus for helping out with puck recovery in the offensive zone as well.

2nd Period 15:53 - Calgary Goal (PP): Mark Giordano (wrist shot) from Curtis Glencross and Mike Cammalleri
The Flames pull even on a 5-on-4 after failing to score on a long 5-on-3 advantage as Glencross threads one through to Giordano for a tip corner snipe. Datsyuk wins a defensive zone faceoff which kills off the last of the 5-on-3 as the Flames have to regroup. Cammalleri is able to gain the zone before Smith can get back into the play and feed it to Glencross on the penalty-box side of the ice away from all three PKers in the play. Glencross turns and skates backwards towards the Wings goal as he collects the pass, dropping it from the faceoff dot to Giordano skating into the slot for a wrister immediately fired over the glove. I think the mistake here is thinking that Smith is on the ice before he actually is. Datsyuk chases too far over and gets burned on the pass. I'm going to give Datsyuk a minus. I'm also going to give Kronwall a half-minus. I think he's a bit too far over on the play as well and if he's playing more towards the middle on the pass to Glencross, he probably has a better play.

Overtime 01:03 - Detroit Goal (PP): Daniel Alfredsson (slap shot) from Pavel Datsyuk and Niklas Kronwall
The Red Wings finally win a hockey game thanks to a blast from in front by Daniel Alfredsson which gets all the way into the net this time. After an offside play wastes about 20 seconds before the Wings can establish the zone, they do that with a dump-around that Alfredsson pucks up at the left corner. Two passes later, Datsyuk has it in the right faceoff circle trying to draw the PKers out. Another couple passes later leads to a one-timer from Datsyuk from that same spot. This shot misses wide, but is recovered at the left point again by Alfredsson, who skates in and feeds to to Kronwall for a one-timer that Ramo stops through a Bertuzzi screen. The rebound squirts out to Ramo's left where Giordano clears it off the boards, but then loses the race to the free puck to Kronwall. Kronner pokes it to Datsyuk before backing up and Pavel curls from the half-boards to the corner before turning back to the middle and feeding a pass out to Alfredsson between the tops of the circles. Alfie blasts it through and the losing streak is over. Kronwall will get a half-plus for good work to keep the zone and move the puck around.

Penalty Adjustments

1st Period 06:41 - Jiri Hudler (high sticking): Hudler gets a bit aggressive covering the point on Quincey and doesn't get to the puck when trying a stick-lift, hitting Q in the face instead. No adjustment. This one isn't particularly close to being a drawn call as much as it's bad stickwork.
1st Period 15:46 - Lee Stempniak (hooking): Kindl partially misplays an intercepted dump-in and chases to the boards with Stempniak on him who almost hooks him. No adjustment. Soft call.

2nd Period 09:19 - Joakim Andersson (cross-checking): The Wings give up a bunch of chances in their own zone which ends when Andersson pushes his guy onto the net, knocking it over. Minus for Andersson. It's not even as much the penalty as it is getting caught in the zone for so long and making this easy for the refs to call.
2nd Period 12:02 - Ladislav Smid (cross-checking): Jurco knocks over Smid in the offensive zone and Smid reacts by chasing him up the circle and pushing him in the back. Honestly, I don't see a cross-check here. Smid establishes his hands on Jurco's back and pushes him. No adjustment.
2nd Period 13:28 - Tomas Jurco (tripping): Jurco ends a power play early by taking out Giordano's skates and going to the box. Minus for Jurco.
2nd Period 13:46 - Brendan Smith (tripping):
Brodie skates into Brendan Smith's leg and goes down. Smith will get a minus. He did lunge at the player to create this.
2nd Period 15:21 - Jonathan Ericsson (high sticking): While killing a 5-on-3, Riggy gets his stick up in the corner and now he goes to the box to extend the nightmare power play period for the Wings. Minus for Ericsson.

3rd Period 09:10 - Joakim Andersson (hooking): Shane O’Brien gets a puck in the Wings’ zone and cleverly falls down to draw a call. No adjustment. This is simply a bad call.
3rd Period 19:18 - TJ Brodie (hooking): Datsyuk cuts into the Calgary zone and splits the defense, nearly finishing a scoring play. Since it was the Wings’ turn to get a power play, the ref sends Brodie off for hooking. This is another bad call. No adjustment

Bonus Ratings

+1 to Brian Lashoff and Jakub Kindl: I thought these two played a solid game. There were some missteps, but overall, they looked like a good pairing.
+1 to Niklas Kronwall: A noticeably good game against tough competition for Kronner. He moved the puck well.
+1 to Tomas Tatar: The energy he continuously brings to each shift makes a big difference. He's downright fun to watch.
+0.5 to Jordin Tootoo: He only got about six minutes of ice time, but when he was out there he was hard to ignore. I'd happily give him another game and even a bit more ice time.
+1 to Pavel Datsyuk: He was dynamic in this game. Probably the best he's played since his injury against Ottawa.
-1 to Brendan Smith: Aside from the penalty, Smith made some terrifying mistakes. I hope he comes back on Saturday and plays as well as he had been recently instead of turning it over as much as he did in this one.

Honorable Mentions:

Jurco had some moves, but he's got to tighten up just a little bit on that. I thought the whole team showed better effort in this one.

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Screener's Assist Totals

Player Name Screener's Assists Totals
Jonathan Ericsson 1
Johan Franzen 2
Justin Abdelkader 1.5
Todd Bertuzzi 2.5
Tomas Tatar 1
Darren Helm 1
Patrick Eaves 1