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WIIM Young Guns Shirt

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Last week, we announced our Winter Classic Ticket Contest where entrants offered designs for our WIIM T-Shirt store in return for the chance to win the above-pictured ticket to the 2014 Bridgestone Winter Classic.

After dozens of entries, we were able to narrow the list of finalists down to nine. Once we had that done, it all came down to a matter of fistfights, secret ballots, outright bribes, tea-leaf readings, and hours upon hours of crying that we were only allowed to pick one winner. Fortunately, we were able to do just that.

Without further delay, I present to you our winning design - Young Guns:



We've contacted the winner and will coordinate his winnings. Congratulations and thank you to everybody who entered. You can buy the shirt here in the WIIM shirt store.

Also, if you entered and didn't win, don't lose hope. We saw a lot of stuff we loved*. We'll be reaching out to some of the runners-up in regards to their designs in the coming weeks.

*(Not you, jokester who submitted an empty shirt with a clever Pavel Datsyuk joke. Kanye West owns the plain white t-shirt market)