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Jonathan Ericsson to Miss Three to Five Weeks

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Kenny Holland announced today that Jonathan Ericsson broke a few ribs.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

This is not good.

For those who missed out on both my rant about the Islanders game as well as J.J.'s CSSI, last night's performance made it seem like the Red Wings had finally rock bottom.

Murphy's law, however, suggested otherwise.

Jonathan Ericsson took a few shifts in the second period of last night's game against the Islanders in Detroit, before leaving the game and heading to the locker room. Ericsson appeared to be favoring one of his shoulders, but as it turns out, his injury is a completely different ballgame.

Let's forget Sochi for a minute, shall we?

A broken rib is a very serious injury and one that can cause life long damage if the proper time to heal is not given. Ericsson needs to rest and be treated appropriately, and the Wings will have someone step up behind him. If you are not medicinally inclined, WebMD provides a full overview of what a broken rib is and how it is treated.

The Wings lose a top two defenseman and one of their more physical presences along the blue line. (Hah, could you imagine this post two years ago?)

Fortunately, the defense for the Wings have been a mixed bag of inept idiots, albeit a deep pool of them. Expect Xavier Ouellet or Adam Almquist to be called up to serve as the extra defenseman while Ericsson heals.

Best of all, get ready to see a lot more of Kyle Quincey.