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CSSI Analysis: Red Wings 3 - Flyers 6

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I'm cutting a few things out of this one. Way too many goals and penalties and I'm short on time. Apologies in advance.

CSSI Methodology Explanation here

Box score here


Jimmy Howard absolutely has to make more saves in this game than he does. Sometimes nothing goes right, but I only counted two big stops.

The Goals

1st Period 10:17 - Detroit Goal: Tomas Tatar (wrist shot) from Drew Miller and Joakim Andersson
After some heavy board-battling, the Wings get out in front of the Flyers by digging the puck out and feeding it for a quick snap from the dirty area of the ice. This is a simple defensive zone faceoff win that turns into a dump-in where Miller, Andersson, and Tatar combine to dig it out. Miller makes a good pass to Tatar who has slid into the low slot and #21 immediately snaps it high to the far side. I'm going to give Andersson a plus while Miller and Tatar get half-pluses. The clean faceoff win is key before the follow-on board battle.

1st Period 13:48 - Philadelphia Goal (PP): Steve Downie (wrist shot) from Sean Couturier and Matt Read
The Flyers pull even in the last 30 seconds of a power play after getting room in the middle of the ice for a shot that finds its way through. This is a simple pass from the half-boards to a guy cutting into the middle where the covering forward isn'tt in the right spot, allowing Downie to get a screened wrister off from the slot. Helm is caught flat-footed here and allows Downie to get by him. Helm will get a minus.

2nd Period 08:24 - Detroit Goal: Johan Franzen (slap shot) from Stephen Weiss and Gustav Nyquist.
On a great transition play, Franzen gets room to blast a slapper through the goalie. Jonathan Ericsson gets the Wings out from behind his net with a bank off the boards that Nyquist plays back to Weiss at center under pressure. This draws the defense over to Weiss, opening a passing lane to Franzen on the right wing side, giving him the room to get to the top of the circle for a slapper that catches the post and goes in. Ericsson makes a smart play and will get a half-plus. Nyquist reacts to the pressure well and will also earn a half-plus thanks to drawing out the D and setting it on a tee for Weiss.

2nd Period 10:13 - Detroit Goal (PP): Tomas Tatar (wrist shot) from Mikael Samuelsson and Daniel Alfredsson
Detroit gets kind of an ugly-yet-pretty 5-on-3 goal thanks to some heavy crease-crashing and a nice toe drag to get enough control on the puck for a shot. Samuelsson gets it at the side of the net and goes straight to the front trying to jam it in, following up the play with Franzen to create a mess in front. Tatar is able to step in from the other side and collect it to put it in. No adjustment, but a pretty play.

2nd Period 16:38 - Philadelphia Goal: Matt Read (wrist shot) from Sean Couturier and Scott Hartnell
After a failed power play, the Flyers get one back when Matt Read gets space in front of the net to outwait the goalie and slide it past him. The Flyers protect the puck around the corner to Howard's right before Couturier escapes with a bit of space to the inside of the trapezoid where he feeds it out front to Read uncovered. Howard plays the immediate shot while Miller tries and fails a stick-lift. When both things don't work, Read is able to step to the side of the sprawling goalie and put it into the open net. Dan Cleary will not keep his minus as he's above the play the whole time. Quincey will get a minus for leaving the net-front where he should have been and missing the pass to Read. Oddly, the exact same mistake can be attributed to Ericsson, who will get a minus. There's a communication breakdown right about when the puck gets to Couturier and the split-second before they get it sorted is the split-second the Flyers use to take advantage. Andersson will get an extra minus and a half on this play because he makes a terrible pass in the offensive zone which turns into possession for the Flyers. Miller will also get a half-minus. He's a winger covering the net-front and a bit too low for his coverage, but he's the only man there when Read gets it out front and he needs to make a stronger play.

3rd Period 05:15 - Philadelphia Goal (PP): Claude Giroux (wrist shot) from Kimmo Timmonen and Scott Hartnell
After a ridiculously stupid penalty, the Flyers pull even on the power play. After nearly 60 seconds of zone time by the Flyer's PP and a few scoring chances, Giroux snipes it from the top of the circle into the net through a three-man screen (Wayne Simmonds directly in front being the worse part of it). The direct problem is that Lashoff isn't perfectly on the angle up at the dot and contributes to the screen, earning Lashoff a half-minus. However, I feel the lengthy in-zone time contributed to this and I think coverage mistakes by both Miller and Quincey during the power play contributed to the lengthy in-zone time. There were key plays where each of them chased too far and left a zone. On the Miller error, only a last-second toe-save by Howard prevented a goal earlier than the one that was eventually netted. I'm going to give Miller and Quincey each a minus.

3rd Period 08:28 - Philadelphia Goal: Sean Couturier (tip in) from Steve Downie and Matt Read
The Flyers take the lead on a defensive zone breakdown for an easy net-side tip. The Flyers get a pretty harmless 3-on-3 zone entry that ends up at the top of the zone after an attempt to catch a guy driving the net fails. Downie gets the puck with a lane to throw it back on net and does so, finding the stick of Couturier to the side of the net all alone for the tip-in. Andersson and Tatar will be cleared. The first came on behind the play on a change and the 2nd was about to go off and neither is responsible for the blown coverages here. Of all the goals he allows, this one is my least-favorite for Howard and that's funny to me because what he should have done is come farther out of his crease (considering his apparent problem this year has been the opposite). I'm not going to call this one "bad" simply as a counting thing because I don't think any of the other minuses deserve to be cleared. Howard's responsibility is the shot, which he covers. The tip comes from a place wide of the net. Lashoff and Miller both take bad paths backchecking here. Lashoff doesn't jump to the middle early enough, allowing Couturier to get positioning on him. Even worse is that when he finishes getting back, he lets his momentum carry him behind the net and he's completely lost by the time the puck gets on Couturier. This will get Lashoff a minus and a half. Miller earns a half-minus when he lets the Downie shot go through his feet, exacerbating the problem Howard has picking up on where this play is going. Kindl will keep his minus. He has to chase Read in the man coverage system and is in position to help if Downie passes to him instead. Abandoning his man to cover Lashoff's isn't going to help, but the puck goes right by him.

3rd Period 09:58 - Philadelphia Goal (PP): Scott Hartnell (slap shot) from Claude Giroux and Mark Streit
The Flyers get another on a power play. After a zone entry and one good chance, a bit of zone-cycling leads it to Girioux on the half-boards coasting to the corner with the puck. Hartnell steps out from the low net-side (leaving Simmonds there to screen) and up toward the top of the circle. Neither Lashoff nor Andersson can stop the Giroux pass and Quincey can't prevent the Hartnell one-timer from going through. Simmonds is again causing problems in Howard's sight line. Lashoff chases a bit too aggressively here and makes the bigger mistake. Lashoff will get a minus. Quincey is a little handcuffed by Simmonds being left all alone, but he needs to stop this. Quincey will get a half-minus. Andersson is there and if he's going to be that low, he's got to do better to keep the pass from getting to Hartnell. Half-minus to Andersson.

3rd Period 19:01 - Philadelphia Goal (EN): Sean Couturier (Jimmy Howard) from Michael Raffl
Philly finishes the scoring with a center ice goal into the empty net. The Wings finally get the puck into the zone on a dump and get the possession they need, but give the puck away and can't do much to prevent the goal. Nyquist will get a minus and a half for turning the puck over. I don't know whether he dubs it or if he realizes at the last second that the point is empty because the defense is changing, but he has a pass available to Helm that he simply doesn't make. I'm going to clear Helm, Alfredsson, and Cleary and also halve Ericsson's and Kindl's minuses. The three forwards are completely helpless on the turnover and the two defensemen try to do what they can to delay and hope that a half-ice shot can be blocked or will miss, but it goes through both of them.

Penalty Adjustments

1st Period 12:13 - Kyle Quincey (hooking): The Wings get hemmed in their own zone and Quincey can't get it past the forecheckers, taking a hook when he loses positioning on his man. Minus for Quincey. I'm going to give Samuelsson a minus as well. He fails two times to get the puck up ice which leads to this problem.
1st Period 18:38 - Philadephia Bench (too many men): Bad change by the Flyers earns the Wings a penalty. No adjustment.

2nd Period 09:04 - Steve Downie (holding the stick): Downie cheats in the Wings' zone trying to get an advantage on a board battle against Brendan Smith. This is just a subtly dirty player trying to get away with a little bit of cheating and failing at it. No adjustment.
2nd Period 09:12 - Zac Rinaldo (tripping): Mikael Samuelsson races to a loose puck in the Red Wings zone and turns on Rinaldo, who tries a sweep check, but misses and gets the skate. This is again more of a dumb play, but Sammy moving his feet will earn a half-plus.
2nd Period 14:09 - Scott Hartnell (roughing):
Hartnell and Nyquist get tied up together skating out of the Philadelphia zone. Hartnell gets upset and punches Nyquist in the head. No adjustment. Donkey play by Hartnell.
2nd Period 16:47 - Luke Schenn (charging): Another stupid play that won't draw an adjustment as Schenn sees numbers and finishes his check by the Red Wings' bench.
2nd Period 18:43 - Braydon Coburn (holding): Finally, a drawn penalty. This time, Helm gets the plus for working hard to draw Coburn into bad position and get the call.

3rd Period 04:17 - Stephen Weiss (hooking): Weiss is forechecking in the corner of the zone and makes an awful play on Grossmann, losing body position and hooking him as he falls down. Minus for Weiss. Dumb play.
3rd Period 08:36 - Jakub Kindl (hooking):
Immediately after a goal, the Wings allow Philly to walk it in on the goal, creating a Kindl penalty. Kindl will get a minus.
3rd Period 15:08 - Sean Couturier (hooking):
Brendan Smith kind of holds Couturier's stick, but the Flyer's forward is definitely hooking him for bad reason. It's a good job establishing position by Smith, who will get a half-plus.

Bonus Ratings


Honorable Mentions:

I thought Samuelsson had a decent game creating chances on the power play, but he was mostly invisible at 5-on-5. Other than that, I think the other adjustments capture this game pretty well. The Wings got let down by their depth in this game.

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Screener's Assist Totals

Player Name Screener's Assists Totals
Jonathan Ericsson 1
Johan Franzen 2
Justin Abdelkader 1.5
Todd Bertuzzi 2.5
Tomas Tatar 1
Darren Helm 1