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CSSI Analysis: Red Wings 1 - Panthers 2

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Derek Leung

The Red Wings continued their struggles at home as they dropped a 2-1 decision to the Florida Panthers on Saturday night, their third game in four nights. It certainly looked like the team was tired by the end of the contest, as simple plays weren't connecting.

My biggest problem with the reffing was a slow whistle on a goal, but they did what they could to give the Wings a chance to at least get a tie. Neither team scored on their power plays (Florida was 0/2, Detroit 0/3). Overall, the Wings got outshot 37-23.

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Jonas Gustavsson played well, but didn't get enough support. He allowed two goals and had a .946 save percentage. His team bailed him out a bit at times, but Gustavsson played well enough to get a win and didn't.

The Goals

1st Period 04:06 - Detroit Goal: Daniel Cleary (wrist shot) from Justin Abdelkader and Cory Emmerton
The Wings get on the board first with a simple zone rush culminating in a puck available on the doorstep which Cleary finishes. Ericsson gets pressured and throws a puck to Emmerton at the top of the Wings' zone, breaking them out on a three-man rush. Emmerton feeds it to Abdelkader on the right wing as he drives the middle and Cleary joins on the opposite side. Barkov watches Abdelkader on the wing, but takes a bad angle and turns it into a 3-on-2 by the time the pucks is at the half-boards. Campbell steps over to Abdelkader while Gilbert watches Emmerton in the middle lane. Abby throws a backhander on net from the bottom of the circle that Thomas kicks straight to Cleary on the back door for the put-away rebound. I'm going to give Abdelkader a half-plus. He changes gears on Barkov and this gives him the room to make a move in the zone. Smith will lose his plus to Ericsson on the change, as Riggy was actually involved in the play and Smith was not.

2nd Period 02:59 - Florida Goal: Jimmy Hayes (slow whistle) from Shawn Matthias and Dylan Olsen
The Panthers tie it up on an insanely slow whistle. Starting from behind the Florida net, the Panthers get it up ice with Matthias carrying up the left wing against a 1-2-2 Red Wings' defense that's not set up yet because of a recent line change. Kindl and Cleary keep Matthias to the outside well, forcing a shot from the outside of the low circle that Gustavsson stops. Unfortunately, he doesn't look like he's comfortable with how well he has the puck controlled and the ref delays his whistle long enough for Hayes to skate in through the middle and poke it in. I'm going to clear Emmerton, Kindl, Quincey, and Cleary. They're all doing their job on what is a bad goal for Gustavsson and the ref. Samuelsson however is at the side of the net and is too busy watching to tie up Hayes' stick. I'm going to let Samuelsson keep his minus for this. I think most of this play is on Gustavsson's body language.

3rd Period 03:29 - Florida Goal: Jonathan Huberdeau (backhand) from Tom Gilbert and Shawn Matthias
The Panthers catch Detroit running around in their own zone and make them pay for it with a backhander over a sprawled-out goalie. There's a lot of clown-shoes play here that culminates in a backdoor play which just misses, but bounces to Gilbert at the point, which he smartly turns into a give-and-go pass with Matthias in the corner to spring Gilbert toward the middle of the ice. Gilbert can't control the pass, but directs it straight to Huberdeau standing uncovered in front of the goal. Huberdeau goes backhand-forehand while Gustavsson sprawls to prevent the immediate shot. The net is wide open for the backhand scoop over the downed goalie and it's 2-1 Panthers. Nobody's getting cleared on this Keystone Kops horseshit, but bet your ass I've got some minuses to hand out. First off, let's hear it for Mikael Samuelsson with not one but TWO bad turnovers on this shift! The first is way worse than the second, but they'll culminate in two minuses for Sammy. Next up, we have Brendan Smith who isn't quite as bad, but when Huberdeau almost hits Matthias all alone on the back door for what would have saved us all five seconds on the goal, Smith is the one not covering him, which allows him to get to the puck off the boards and make a clean pass to the middle. Smith will get a minus for the coverage. Quincey steps up to the plate for us next, as he's in no-mans land with his stick in the air on the very same Huberdeau pass that gets through a lane he should be blocking. This will earn Quincey a minus. Cory Emmerton will earn a minus on being out of position on an earlier turnover where he inexplicably isn't covering the front, but is following Quincey behind the Wings' net like some sort of puppy. Emmerton will get a minus. Finally, Bertuzzi makes the mistake which creates the final collapse of the defense. When he lets Gilbert escape to the middle, this creates a big problem for his teammates which will earn Bertuzzi a minus and a half. When Gilbert looks like he's going to get a pass in the slot, this causes Emmerton to immediately abandon Upshall cutting through the middle and have to face the guy with the puck. Quincy is required to take Upshall going to the near post. This leaves one too many men (Huberdeau) in the area for one too few people covering men. Without Gilbert being wide open, Emmerton can hand Upshall to Quincey and cover Huberdeau. They're forced into this awful position by Bertuzzi's screw up on the boards.

Goal-Saved Adjustment: 3rd Period 09:30 (Stephen Weiss): On a turnover at center by Abdelkader which gets the Panthers in with numbers, Kopecky puts a sharp-angle shot off Gustavsson which bounces to Marcel Goc on the back door of a wide-open net. Thankfully, Weiss is backchecking in perfect position and ties up Goc's stick, preventing a goal. Weiss will get a plus on this play for bailing out Abdelkader (turnover) and Lashoff (missed step-up) on their mistakes leading up to this chance.

Penalty Adjustments

1st Period 01:26 Erik Gudbranson - (hooking): The Wings get the first power play as Brendan Smith outskates his forechecker and draws a call. Plus for Smith.
1st Period 05:48 - Justin Abdelkader (cross checking):
The Panthers get a good chance in front of the Detroit net, creating havoc for the defense. Abdelkader solves some of that havoc by blasting a guy in the back with his stick. Minus for Abdelkader.

2nd Period 08:04 - Todd Bertuzzi (goaltender interference): Bert gets pushed into Thomas and the ref is quick to blow the whistle for a change. No adjustment. This is a shit call on a minor nudge that gets sold pretty hard by Thomas.

3rd Period 10:02 - Tomas Fleischmann (hooking): The Wings get a chance when a good cross-ice pass from Weiss to Kronwall catches the Panthers running around and earns a Fleischmann hook on Abdelkader behind the play. Weiss, Kronwall, and Abdelakder will each get a plus.
3rd Period 15:58 - Scottie Upshall (hooking):
The Wings get a chance on a rebound when Upshall hooks Alfredsson. Alfie draws this and will get a plus, but Kronwall will get a half-plus for some great patience to wait for a shot that will create the dangerous rebound here

Bonus Ratings

-1 to Stephen Weiss: This is as much for not deserving an overall +2 as it is for going another game without registering a shot on goal. He's simply got to get stuff figured out here.
-1 to Jakub Kindl: An awful start to the game by Kindl only improved slightly as it wore on, but not enough. I thought he was among the weaker players for the Wings.

Honorable Mentions:

Nyquist, Franzen, and Tatar were the three best forwards for the Wings, but they didn't get the job done so they remained even for the night. Cleary looked better than usual and his adjustment showed it. Miller and Andersson played solid on the PK, but didn't show enough offensively. Smith was the better on his pairing, but I think both he and Quincey deserved overall minus ratings. Lashoff didn't do much and I thought Kronwall had another good performance in his own end.

Current Game Chart

Season Totals Chart

Screener's Assist Totals

Player Name Screener's Assists Totals
Jonathan Ericsson 1
Johan Franzen 2
Justin Abdelkader 1.5
Todd Bertuzzi 2.5
Tomas Tatar 1
Darren Helm 1