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SLGT's Gameday Coverage & 3 Questions

3 Questions is back

Another game against the Blues and another 3 questions for their SB Nation site, St. Louis Game Time. Today, we've got Hildymac on the microphone. She's actually ok for a Blues fan.

You can catch SLGT's gameday coverage here.

1. Loui: Worst mascot ever or worst thing ever?
At first I kind of wondered about him, firstly because he doesn't wear pants and secondly because he was introduced to the fans like an extra from The Blues Brothers. Everyone (except Ty Conklin, apparently) knows that The Blues Brothers was based in Chicago. He's grown on me, though, mostly because he seems to enjoy scaring the hell out of people with t-shirt guns for no reason. That's a secret classroom management fantasy of mine.

Oops. Secret no more.

2. So what doesn't look good about the Blues so far (aside from Ken Hitchcock)?
They seem to like to fall behind thanks to taking a period off, and then they try to claw their way back. They learned in Chicago that trick doesn't work every game. I get that the schedule sucks and I get that they're probably pooped, but taking a sabbatical in the middle of the second period probably isn't the best way to keep up their momentum.

3. Could you describe in five words how great the Shattenkirk for Erik Johnson trade turned out?
How's Colorado's GM still employed?

How indeed.

Again, remember that if you're reading SLGT's coverage, you're on their page and operating under their rules.