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Detroit Red Wings Gameday: Battle of California's Gameday Coverage & 3 Questions

We've got an early one against the Kings today after yesterday's Oilers matchup. To help us understand the Kings, we asked the people who give a shit about them to give us some insight to our enemies. Today, we've got Ryan Dunn, otherwise known as Get'rDunn from Battle of California. He's their resident Kings fan.

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Here goes:

1. What the hell's going on with the Cup champs so far this season? Is the hangover that bad?
A tweet by Mike Richards yesterday..."I wonder how much of #barterkings is real? 'Ill trade you my shoes for your' #doubtful #stillwatch". This gives me an idea they aren't too worried about their crappy start. Colin Fraser sits around and finds what celebrities he and his teammates look like. Practice, you jerks! I guess winning it all, plus the half-assed season the NHL brought us, hasn't exactly motivated them. Also, Trevor Lewis and Drew Doughty went and watched the team that's actually inspiring their performance this year when they went on their bro-date to a Lakers game.

I actually believe they will turn things around if they recall Anthony Stewart. Those racists in Carolina would do anything to get rid of him, but he'll get a chance hopefully to prove that he ain't no "boy" as I'm pretty sure they referred to him as.

2. I've forgotten since the lockout last forced me to do this, but what's it like waking up to watch your favorite team play at 9:30 am.
Pacific time is usually awesome because we don't get forced to stay up to 1 AM, and instead have that time slotted for porn. Saturday is less problematic with earlier starts as long I manage to wake up after a late night of watching aforementioned porn. I of course have a great difficulty watching these games on Sunday because of church. The NHL really ignores that, but what else would you expect out of Bettman?

3. What's the single-worst thing in the Pacific Division?
Shane Doan.

Hopefully these answers inspire your readership to visit Battle of California, where they will get more hard hitting hockey journalism, with other stories like what the hell Ingress is and Olsen Twin battles.