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Los Angeles Kings at Detroit Red Wings Gamethread

Claus Andersen

Los Angeles Kings Team Detroit Red Wings
3-4-2 8 Points Record 6-4-1 13 Points
Jonathan Quick (3-3-2 2.67 GAA) Starting Goalie Jimmy Howard (5-4-1 2.86 GAA)
Jewels from the Crown / BoC SB Nation Site - Last Meeting Ages ago
12:30 PM EST Time - Television NBC, TSN

Yesterday's win over the Oilers was nice. Now I would like another win. This time against the Kings.

Hard-hitting shit right there, folks.

The defending champs haven't gotten off to a great start, but they're a dangerous team. Even more dangerous is that they're rested and the Wings are not. Detroit needs to get off to a strong start or they could find themselves sucking hind tit in this one. This one's on NBC, folks. That means the play-by-play will be fun and the color commentary will make you want to stab yourself.

It's a live thread. Anything goes unless it doesn't.

Let's go Red Wings!