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Detroit Red Wings Gameday: Jewels From the Crown's Gameday Coverage & 3 Questions

In preparing to meet the Kings, we had a couple of blogs to talk to. While Battle of California has voices for all three teams from the state, there's a Kings-only site that specializes in today's foe. To help introduce us to their community and to bring you to their gameday coverage, we reached out to Niesy with 3 questions.

Head over to Jewels From the Crown for their gameday coverage here

Here goes:

1. How much does the Kings' slow start worry Kings fans, who saw them turn it on last year at just the right time?
Kings fans are a varied group, so there is a range of reactions! In general I'd say that fans know it's early, and this roster is full of players who just won it all. On the other hand the losses of Mitchell and Greene and the low scoring so far make others want a dramatic shakeup. Like any bunch, I suppose, we're more positive after a win and more negative after a loss. Things can turn around quickly, so who knows what the mood will be like in a week.

2. What kind of grades are Dean Lombardi getting for the handful of moves he's made since the cup win, especially the recent moves he's made?
The Kings had no cap crisis this summer, so bringing everyone back was seen as better than overpaying to add a free agent like Doan. Quick's contract was met with cheers (I didn't like it because of the length, but I'm in the minority). Since the season began, few liked losing Hickey for nothing on waivers, though we are resigned to it, and the Loktionov trade is still splitting opinions. Fans liked it better when that 5th round pick turned into Ellerby.

3. What's the single-worst thing in the Pacific Division?
It's a three way tie between Ryan Getzlaf's hair, Mike Smith's morals, and Corey Perry's stupid face.

Thanks, Niesy!