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Red Wings Gameday 13: St. Louis Game Time's Gameday Coverage & 3 Questions

We don't have to do another one of these with Blues fans for a while. It's unfortunate that four of our first 13 games are against this team because I would have liked to have spread these questions out a little more. Oh well. As usual, we've got Hildymac from SLGT here to help introduce us. I'm happy with the way these have gone so far. We've learned a lot this season. For instance, we've learned that there are Blues fans who are human. I did not know that.

Check out St. Louis Game Time's gameday coverage here.

Thanks, Hildy!

1. After a disastrous homestand, do you think it's a good thing that they get to head out on the road for a little bit where there's less pressure to perform in front of the fans?
I think that it is, because they won't at least be surrounded by booing Blues fans to add another element of pressure, or another reminder that they're playing terrible hockey. Of course, because the scheduling gods are awesome people, the first road game has to be against the Red Wings.

2. David Backes recently echoed Ken Hitchcock's sentiments that there are problems with members of the team being unwilling to play for the good of the team over the good of their own stats sheets. While they're obviously not naming any names, which ones stand out for you as fitting in that category?
I think with that you have to look for the same nucleus that was there when Andy Murray and Davis Payne got canned: Patrik Berglund, T.J. Oshie, and David Perron stand out in my mind. I don't know if the whole personal agenda thing is accurate or not, but I am about 110% sure that Andy McDonald, Roman Polak, and Barret Jackman aren't part of the problem. I think Berglund, Oshie, and Perron are all fine players, and actually play a lot better when they're team-focused, so if they are the issue I'm not understanding how they don't get that when they play for the well-being of the team, they benefit too.

3. Outside of the Central Division (where this question gets too easy to answer), what's the worst thing in the Western Conference?
The worst thing in the Western Conference? Damn West Coast road trips. Not because of any one particular team or anything, but as some fellow Eastern Time Zone-ers, I'm sure your readers feel my pain when they look at the schedule and see a game getting ready to start at 10:30. I absolutely hate being a fan of a Central Division team and living in the Eastern Time Zone. I don't know how you guys and CBJ fans do it, because hockey season screws with my sleep schedule something fierce.