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Red Wings Feel the :( Blues :(, Lose 4-3 in Overtime

Do you get the pun? They are sad and also lost to the Blues.

"We're gonna win!  Haha this is from the middle of the game but I just know we'll do it, Teej"
"We're gonna win! Haha this is from the middle of the game but I just know we'll do it, Teej"
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight was Game 18 in the best-of-57 series between the Red Wings and Blues. Detroit came into the contest with a 23 games to 17 advantage but the home stretch of the next 64 games in this series is going to be crucial. Of course, with this match-up being played under the unusual 29-72-29 playoff format, now was definitely the time to take control. Some people have wondered aloud about whether the winner of this lockout-shortened 381 game series should be saddled with an asterisk, but that is neither here nor there. Tonight was all about some good ol' fashioned Game 507 winner-take-all hockey.

They've played each other a lot so far.

  • Patrick Eaves was back in the lineup because Johan Franzen was scratched with a hip flexor injury. I don't exactly know what this is. I've never Googled it. Almost 27 years on Earth, never cared to look into it. I assume it has something vaguely to do with your hip muscles flexing stuff, but why not just say "hip injury"? Please do not acknowledge any of this in the comments.
  • The Detroit Red Wings and St. Louis Blues are rivals, and as such were featured on NBCSN's "Rivalry Wednesday". Before the game they replayed some really cool moments from years gone by, like the time the Wings beat the Blues in the 1996 playoffs with a goal or whatever. And in 1997. And in 1998. And in 2002. (P.S. I missed the Blackhawks-Wild game on Rivalry Wednesday a couple of weeks ago. If somebody has a good video of that classic Hawks & Wild rivalry highlights please email me at hockeyfella {at} aol dot com)
  • Barret Jackman took two penalties in the 1st period, one a dumb cross check and the other a dumb trip. ~~ Segue!!! ~~ I learned tonight that Jackman's first career playoff game came in 2002 against the Red Wings, subbing in for Chris Pronger after he destroyed his knee attempting to erase Steve Yzerman. How hilariously ironic that Jackman's introduction into postseason hockey was due to Chris Pronger trying to run a guy.
  • Tomas Tatar got his first goal of the season to open the scoring. Did you noticed how he scored it? My cousin, The Double Deke. (Ha.)
  • After one period of play, the desperate Blues who were badly in need of a victory mustered only three shots. In a game this pivotal I really expected a team led by Ken Hitchcock to look a lot hungrier.
  • No matter for the Blues though, as St. Louis awoke in the 2nd period and the Red Wings started gifting them chances. We've speculated before about what would happen to the Wings after Mike Ilitch dies, but I think it's pretty clear that ownership of the Red Wings will be awarded to the St. Louis Blues power play.
  • I like bank-shot goals more than just about anything. I like Pavel Datsyuk even more. Put those two together and BAM did we just have sex
  • The 3rd period was about as boring as a professional hockey game between two rivals can be. The Wings didn't record a single shot on goal until the final two minutes, and the Blues were icing the puck so much that Ken Hitchcock had to be restrained from eating it.
  • I feel sorta bad because usually I limit myself to one Hitchcock joke but for Christ's sake, his neck looks like an uncooked elephant ear.
  • (Oops, that was three.)

Detroit is off until Friday when they take on the Ducks. I'm not on recap duty for that one so the Wings might have a chance.