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CSSI Analysis: Red Wings 3 - Blues 4 (OT)

Game 13 of 48

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The Red Wings had two days off after winning three games in four days. Despite some injuries, they had a chance to absolutely crush a reeling St. Louis Blues team which hadn't won a game in the month of February. After a good start by the Wings, they seemed to let off the gas and ended up with only 7 shots in the final 41 minutes of the game.

The reffing standard in this one was fine. It was loose, but consistent. If anything, the Wings might have gotten away with more than the Blues in this one. Regardless, St. Louis handily won the special teams battle with a power play goal and a shorty.

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Goalie Ratings

Jimmy Howard did not have a great game, but neither did Jake Allen. Both goalies put up an .833 save percentage. Howard faced 7 more shots, but he did not win the head-to-head. I'm going to call that one a draw on two performances I'm sure the goalies would prefer to forget. Overall, Howard's going to get a -1. rating. He wasn't strong.

The Goals

1st Period 02:17 - Detroit Goal: Tomas Tatar (backhand) from Patrick Eaves
Tatar finds himself all alone in front and embarrasses Allen with an okey-doke deke to a backhand shovel over the down-and-out goalie. Kindl and Emmerton will each get a plus on this goal. Their work on the previous shift causes the icing that leads to the zone faceoff prior to this goal. Patrick Eaves will get a half-plus for driving right at the net off the faceoff and causing some confusion with Pietrangelo.

1st Period 07:54 - Detroit Goal: Drew Miller (wrist shot) from Jordin Tootoo and Jakub Kindl
A nice give-and-go play off the half-boards between Tootoo and Miller ends with the puck in the back of the Blues net after Miller gets behind the D. Emmerton will get the third assist on the outlet which brings the puck up ice. Tootoo will get a bonus assist on a good job controlling the Emmerton pass and smart movement through center and in the zone. Miller will get a self-assist for making the smart play and getting around Oshie on the boards to get behind the D.

1st Period 15:18 - St. Louis Goal (SH): Patrik Berglund (wrist shot) from TJ Oshie
Late in the Wings' PP, the Blues get a shorty as Oshie walks a guy and Berglund gets a gift pass for an easy goal. The biggest problem is Brunner, who will get an extra minus and a half for letting Oshie get behind him with the puck at the point. Things go downhill from there, as Kronwall watches the middle to block the pass to Berglund until a backchecking Abdelkader over-collapses and blows his coverage, earning Abdelkader an extra minus. Datsyuk will get an extra half-minus on a weak passing attempt up the boards which is picked off by Oshie. Kronwall will get an extra half-minus. He's caught in a really rough spot between having to cover the middle of the ice and covering the pass. When he sees Abdelkader fail at his job, that makes Kronner's that much more difficult. Still, I want a more-aggressive play out of him than what he pulls here. Z keeps his minus; his shift was more than a minute old when this happened. Don't want to keep the minus? Score on the PP before it happens.

2nd Period 07:12 - St. Louis Goal (PP): Vladimir Tarasenko (snap shot) from Chris Stewart and Andy McDonald
Tarasenko gets a great look from the slot on a PP rush and scores low to tie it up. This one is on the forwards Datsyuk and Cleary, who each get minuses. Datsyuk fails to get his stick down on a puck in the Blues zone and frees them up for the rush (Tarasenko is Datsyuk's man here). Cleary is also too far up-ice and lets the pass through to Tarasenko from the setup. Unlike with Kronwall earlier, Ericsson is actually covering the pass to the guy he's supposed to be covering.

2nd Period 08:57 - St. Louis Goal: Chris Stewart (breakaway) from Alex Pietrangelo
Pietrangelo picks up a loose puck that just so happened to be left there by Brunner and fires an outlet to Chris Stewart jumping behind a Red Wings' defense in the middle of a change. I'm tempted to give Howard blame for a soft one on this, considering how badly he bites on Stewart's move here. Brunner's turnover will earn him an extra minus. Minuses for Abdelkader and Zetterberg will be cleared, as will those for Kindl and Ericsson. Ian White will pull a coverage minus. The breakdown here is on Brunner, who has to buy his defense more time to change behind him. There is nothing Kindl and Ericsson can do here, as Stewart steps on the ice behind them and if they jump out there any earlier, they're going to take a penalty. White is still at the center faceoff dot when the turnover happens. I'm giving him a minus for not taking a "good" too-many-men" penalty as the only defenseman with a chance at stopping this breakaway pass.

2nd Period 12:39 - Detroit Goal: Pavel Datsyuk (magic) from Valtteri Filppula and Jonathan Ericsson
Datsyuk banks the puck off the back of Jake Allen to tie it. Datsyuk will get a self-assist and a half-plus on the play for making some great plays to move the puck smartly in the zone. Filppula will get a bonus half-plus for stepping aggressively on Steen to get it to Datsyuk prior to the play. Cleary will get a half-assist (third). His hard dump-in eludes Jackman and gets to Datsyuk to start the play which ends up becoming the goal.

Overtime 00:52 - St. Louis Goal: Alex Steen (wrist shot) from Barret Jackman and David Backes
Steen is in perfect position to pick up a rebound off a sharp-angle shot as he puts it through Howard for the game-winner. This one is a bad goal for Howard. He doesn't properly square to the rebound and gets beaten on the near-side. However, everybody is still getting a minus. The pass that gets picked off in the offensive zone is bad enough to be considered a turnover minus for Brunner. Zetterberg's minus comes for kind of just waving at the puck as Jackman steps up on it on the boards in the zone. Lashoff's minus comes from chasing the puck too far up the boards and giving Jackman the angle. Kronwall's minus is for not eliminating Steen. [add: Brunner gets another half-minus for not helping the transition on the coverage for Steen on the back door.]

Penalty Adjustments (pluses and minuses only)

1st Period 13:30 - Barret Jackman (cross-checking): The Wings put on great pressure here leading to a cross-check on the half-boards. Abdelkader will get a half-plus for drawing it. Kronwall will also get a half-plus. He makes two very good defensive step-ups to create turnovers and keep pressure on the Blues.
1st Period 16:07 - Barret Jackman (tripping): Filppula drives the middle and catches Jackman flat-footed. Jackman goes down and sweeps Flip's skates out from under him. Filppula will get a plus.

2nd Period 05:47 - Ian White (interference): White steps into his guy on the faceoff. Maybe a bit of a dive, but that's not important. White gets a minus.
2nd Period 09:17 - Cory Emmerton (interference): This one is mostly on Emmerton for actually interfering with Chris Stewart in front of the Wings net. Emmerton will get a minus. However, Kindl and Quincey are responsible for the Blues gaining possession to draw this penalty. Kindl and Quincey will each get a half-minus.
2nd Period 15:43 - David Perron (roughing) and Jonathan Ericsson (high-sticking): Half-excuse for the high-stick here, as Riggy gets pushed from behind and has his stick ramp up to a guy who's also low-facing. He's still got to control the stick better, but that's much harder to do in this situation than normally. Half-minus for Ericsson.
2nd Period 19:06 - Jakub Kindl (interference): Kindl loses position on Ryan Reaves and interferes with him on the flat-foot. Kindl will get a minus.

3rd Period 14:00 - Ian Cole (high-sticking): Good hustle by Abdelkader to make a good high-pressure play and draw a call. This was both interference and high-sticking, so Abdelkader gets a plus.

Bonus Ratings

+1 to Justin Abdelkader: Abby had a really good game at 5-on-5 using the body effectively and creating space for his linemates.
-1 to Kyle Quincey: Q was the shakiest of the Red Wings' D-men in this game. Not a good performance.

Honorable Mentions:

Huh. Bad game for Brunner, eh?

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