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Turnovers Galore: Ducks 5 - Red Wings 2

A Datsyukless Wings fall to the Anaheim Ducks 5-2.

Sadly, Tatars efforts were to no avail
Sadly, Tatars efforts were to no avail


The Wings couldn't seem to get anything going tonight as lost their second straight, this time to the hot Anaheim Ducks.

The first period was fairly dull by both sides. The Ducks undoubtedly outplayed the Wings and you could tell that they were missing Datsyuk.

Unlike the first period, the second period would be a wild one. Only 3 minutes in to the period, Joakim Andersson would score his first ever NHL goal as he gave the Wings the lead. However, after only 26 seconds of play, Matt Beleskey tied the game up for the Ducks. The scoring would continue as Tomas Tatar gave the Wings the 2-1 lead on a beautiful power play goal. The crazy second period was still not over as merely one minute after the Tatar goal, Corey Perry would tie the game up once again.

The third period would start off in probably the worst way possible. Just one minute in to it, Andrew Cogliano would give the Ducks the lead after a Wings turnover. The turnover woes for the Wings continued as Ian White turned the puck over to Bobby Ryan who extended the Ducks lead to 4-2.

Andrew Cogliano would put the final dagger in the Wings as he scored his second of the night on an empty-netter to make it 5-2 Ducks.

Here are some notes from tonight's game:

  • If i'm not mistaken (correct me if I am), the Wings are now 0-2 with Lidström watching from the press box.
  • Turnovers, Turnovers, Turnovers. The Wings can't expect to win hockey games if they keep turning over the puck.
  • The Wings registered 9 turnovers while the Ducks only 3, this has to change.
  • One of the few positives of the night was the play of Tatar and Andersson whom both played very good.
  • I was a little disappointed in the play of Gustav Nyquist. He didn't seem to get many chances and didn't make the impact that we were hoping for.
  • Howard made a great save during the late second period in which he had no stick and managed to save the puck from going in to our net by using his foot. Although he let in 4 goals tonight, the loss can by no means be pinned on Jimmy.
  • As I said above, boy does Tatar look good. I no doubt want him in the lineup right now over guys like Sammy and Nyquist. His puck moving skills are in my honest opinion, very exceptional.
  • Cory Emmerton played really well tonight. He made some great plays and was a part of a fantastic penalty kill in which he blocked numerous shots.
  • The Ducks out-shot the Wings 37-28. The lack of shots is especially evident on the PP which couldn't seem to get any shots on net.

Overall, the Wings played decent but Anaheim was clearly the better team. I think this game more than others really showed how much the Wings are missing guys like Datsyuk, Franzen and Helm. The one positive thing that I think we all can take from this game is the emergence of guys like Tatar and Andersson.

Next up for the Wings are the Minnesota Wild on Sunday at 6 pm in Minnesota.

Lets Go Wings!