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CSSI Analysis: Red Wings 2 - Wild 3

Game 15 of 48

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The Red Wings were ahead and then they lost. Now they've lost three in a row. That is annoying.

It was open season on players without the puck tonight. I think both teams got away with just about the same amount of picks and stuff.

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Goalie Ratings

Petr Mrazek got outplayed by the rookie on the other end in this game and will lose the head-to-head. Overall, I think Mrazek deserves a -1. I don't like two of the three Minnesota goals sliding weakly through his legs.

The Goals

1st Period 08:48 - Detroit Goal: Damien Brunner (tip in) from Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg
The Wings get a quick zone entry and then drive traffic to the front, ending in a goal by Brunner. Lashoff is going to get the third assist for a very good pass to get it to Zetterberg entering the zone.

2nd Period 00:20 - Detroit Goal: Pavel Datsyuk (wrist shot) from Henrik Zetterberg and Brian Lashoff
20 seconds into the 2nd, the Wings get another as some broken neutral zone play turns into a zone entry where Z hits Datsyuk with a slick cross-ice pass for a snipe over the glove hand. Brunner will get a half-assist (non-touch) for driving the net on this play and making space for Datsyuk to sneak into. The other half-credit should go to Koivu for some completely terrible coverage of the middle of the ice to allow this pass to happen.

2nd Period 09:35 - Minnesota Goal: Dany Heatley (dead-fish-slapper) from Mikko Koivu and Zach Parise
In-zone cycle off a faceoff win brings a loose puck to the high slot where Dany Heatley fires a slapper through traffic into the net. No cleared minuses here, but Zetterberg and Lashoff don't handle their coverage well. Somebody's got to have the net-front better and Lashoff chases too much while Zetterberg doesn't hold tight to Mrazek's front. Zetterberg and Lashoff will each get an extra minus. Brunner will get an extra half-minus. He comes low to make up for Zetterberg's not being in position and can't get back high to watch Heatley, who is his man.

2nd Period 13:13 - Minnesota Goal: Jason Zucker (snap shot) unassisted
The Red Wings blow several chances to prevent an odd-man rush for Zucker and he takes those blown opportunities to blow the puck by Mrazek from the right slot. Ian White and Dan Cleary won't get minuses. Cleary is playing for offensive position when the turnover happens and White is covering the pass to let Mrazek take the shooter. The big fuck-up here is Filppula, who is up high covering an Ericsson pinch and lets the puck get by him easily. Filppula will get a minus and a half. Samuelsson is the backup to the backup and takes a dumbass angle on Zucker to also let him by. This will get Sammy an extra minus. Riggy's pinch is a good decision at the time, but losing the puck on the pinch so cleanly will earn him an extra half-minus.

2nd Period 13:45 - Minnesota Goal: Torrey Mitchell (backhand) from Mikael Granlund
Minny scores the game-winner off a faceoff and a backhand shot by Mitchell through the legs. Wheeeeeee! Tatar is the only person who isn't at fault here. Tatar's minus will be cleared. The big mistake was Andersson's. He gets his stick on this scrummed faceoff and pokes the puck back towards his own goal. Andersson will get a turnover minus. Abdelkader will get a half-minus for being boxed out by Granlund on his own faceoff dot while Lashoff will get a half-minus for not covering Torrey Mitchell better. Kronwall keeps his minus for letting the puck go straight through him. Oh, and Quincey will get a half-minus for being responsible for this defensive zone faceoff. He idly backhands the puck into the Wild bench to stop the play prior.

Penalty Adjustments (pluses and minuses only)

1st Period 02:33 - Joakim Andersson (holding): Minus for Andersson. Easy call to make.

3rd Period 07:19 - Brian Lashoff (holding) Lashoff and Parise fight for a puck in the corner. Lashoff will get a half-minus. He's certainly got a free hand grabbing Parise, but the Wild forward's got his stick trapped and does a suicide takedown here to draw this call. It's a clever play by Parise, but easily could have been matching minors.
3rd Period 13:47 - Nate Prosser (tripping): Tatar gets through on a breakaway pass, causing Prosser to bring him down. Both Tatar and Kronwall will get a plus for the connection on this play.

Bonus Ratings

+1 to Tomas Tatar: This kid may have cemented his spot in the lineup over the last two games. He's been absolutely fantastic. This game was no exception. The only complaint is that he didn't jam Minny's goalie in the ribs when he thought he had scored a goal that it turned out he didn't.

Honorable Mentions:

I miss Johan Franzen a lot. That's pretty dishonorable.

Season Totals Chart