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Detroit Red Wings Gamethread: Detroit Red Wings at Nashville Predators

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Nashville Predators Team Detroit Red Wings
7-4-5 19 Points Record 7-6-2 16 Points
Pekka Rinne (6-3-4 1.58 GAA) Starting Goalie Jimmy Howard (6-5-2 2.97 GAA)
Blank Space - Last Meeting Last Year
8:00 PM EST Time - Television FS-D, FS-TN

For a 7-9 team, the Nashville Predators certainly are good at delayed losing. Heck, they're even somewhat practiced at delayed winning. Seven of sixteen of their games have gone to OT.

Yesterday didn't. Yesterday in Colorado ended 6-5 in favor of the Avalanche. That's hilarious. Even better, one of the Avs' goals came on a horribly blown offsides call.

Of course, that means the Preds are going to be pissy and embarrassed. Barry Trotz isn't going to have them in a mood to play around. Here's to hoping Mike Babcock has the Red Wings ready for business as well.

It's a live thread. Anything goes unless it doesn't.

Let's go Red Wings!