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CSSI Analysis: Red Wings 3 - Predators 4 (OT)

Game 16 of 48

Frederick Breedon

I'll write a complete intro for one of these when Detroit wins again.

There's not much I can say about the reffing standard that hasn't been said about Taco Bell's food. Hopefully the Predators have found it in them to forgive NHL refs for the blown offsides call on the Matt Duchene goal on Monday.

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Goalie Ratings

Pekka Rinne stole this game for the Predators. I'm not going to rate Jimmy Howard tonight. Instead, I'll give the head-to-head loss to Jonas Gustavsson. I don't think goaltending was the Wings' problem in this game. Overall the goalies' rating will be even.

The Goals

1st Period 05:01 - Nashville Goal (PP): Craig Smith (wrist shot) from Colin Wilson and Shea Weber
A failed clear ends up on the back door and then in the back of the net. Failures here go to Ericsson, Datsyuk, and Lashoff. Riggy's the biggest culprit. He gets the puck away from Kostitsyn, but fails to get it out, then he doesn't have a good angle on Wilson low which puts too much pressure on Lashoff. Full minus to Ericsson. Datsyuk and Lashoff get half-minuses. Pavs actually blocks a clearing attempt and Lashoff lets the puck get through him to Smith on the back door, which is his responsibility. Like I said, the angle wilson has makes it tougher, but it doesn't absolve him completely.

1st Period 10:41 - Nashville Goal: Gabriel Bourque (tip-in) Scott Hannan and Mike Fisher
The puck goes from Ian White's stick to the Predators' sticks and then to the Red Wings' net. Obviously, Ian White is getting an extra minus for the turnover. Tatar will have his minus cleared while Miller will get one back on the line change. I'm going to clear half of Quincey's minus. I don't like the tip-in goal, but I kind of have to draw the blame-line when it comes to expecting a D-man to box out a guy way in front AND keep him from getting a lucky tip-in. That line is in letting him keep half his minus. I'm also going to give a half-minus to Joakim Andersson on this play. If you're a 4th-line center, you've got no business casually waving your stick at people as they pass. Lay the body at the Nashville blue line, kid.

1st Period 15:01 - Detroit Goal (SH): Danny Cleary (wrist shot) from Pavel Datsyuk
Datsyuk steals the puck behind the Nashville net and dishes into the slot for a wrister from Cleary over Rinne's blocker. Cleary will get a self-assist. He's the first on the puck in the Wings' zone creating the clear and he's the one who smartly dumps it behind Rinne to give Datsyuk a chance to Datsyuk. I'm going to give both Niklas Kronwall and Kyle Quincey assists on this play as they dig it out to start the puck the other way. Quincey will also earn a bonus plus for wisely joining the rush to turn it into a 3-on-2. Datsyuk's steal will earn him an extra plus on this play.

3rd Period 11:33 - Detroit Goal: Jordin Tootoo (Kevin Klein) from Henrik Zetterberg and Jakub Kindl
Tootoo takes advantage of an extra-man situation to bank a puck off Kevin Klein into the net. Cory Emmerton will get an assist on this play for wisely keeping possession and backing out of the Predators' zone when it was clear he wouldn't be able to force the play. Quincey will get an assist for the pass to Kindl which started the play up ice in the right direction. Zetterberg will get a bonus assist and a bonus plus. He's driving the neutral zone with speed on the entry to make space and he's driving the net on the pass to force the kick-in by Klein.

3rd Period 12:54 - Nashville Goal: Roman Josi (Joakim Andersson) unassisted.
Josi gets a turnover and throws it at the front of the net, where it banks in off Andersson. Ericsson and Tatar will be cleared of minuses. Eaves and Kronwall get an extra minus on the turnover to Josi. Andersson is a victim here, but he's also the guy who accidentally deflects it in, so he'll keep his minus.

3rd Period 13:30 - Detroit Goal: Pavel Datsyuk (insanity) from Danny Cleary and Jonas Gustavsson
Datsyuk gets tired of being behind in the game and beats every Predator on the ice to tie it. This might be the goal of the year here. Datsyuk's going to get a self-assist and two bonus pluses. Knocking Wilson down and then walking everybody to score is insanity.

Overtime 00:44 - Nashville Goal: Shea Weber (wrist shot) from Colin Wilson and Sergei Kostitsyn.
Weber gets to a loose puck in a good scoring area to put it past a sprawling Gustavsson for the winner. Brunner will have his minus cleared as he comes on behind the play. Zetterberg makes a minus-worthy mistake in following Kostitsyn across the blue line when it's his responsibility to dump that coverage and get on the trailer (Wilson). I don't like Kronwall hitting Kostitsyn to take them both out, but I only don't like that because Zetterberg was out of position on a quickly developing play. This forces Ericsson to compensate to the middle, making it impossible for him to get back and stop the follow-up shot as the puck bounces to Weber on the back door.

Penalty Adjustments (pluses and minuses only)

1st Period 01:39 - Jakub Kindl (interference): Minus for Kindl. Taking Brandon Yip out of the play away from the net.
1st Period 04:15 - Jakub Kindl (interference): Minus for Kindl. This one's quite a bit weaker, as Kindl steps into the path of his forward on the dump-in. This one borderline presupposes that a D-Man is actually required to get OUT of the way. Like I said though, borderline.
1st Period 13:04 - Jonas Gustavsson (delay of game): I'm not really tracking goalie plus/minus on this, but I want to say I agree with this call. It doesn't matter that he didn't have a stick. Freezing the puck that far outside the crease should not be allowed.
1st Period 15:48 - Jakub Kindl (slashing) Half-minus for Kindl. He's rushing back thanks to another Ian White broken stick and gives Legwand a chop. Legwand goes down because of course.

2nd Period 16:26 - Damien Brunner (tripping): Brunner is beaten to a puck on the boards and sticks his skate out to take down his man. Easy call to make. Minus for Brunner.

3rd Period 03:35 - Nick Spaling (holding): Half-plus for Tatar on getting a very good angle on Spaling to give him an opportunity to take a penalty.

Bonus Ratings

+1 to Pavel Datsyuk: Even with the scoring, it doesn't do Datsyuk's performance justice. He was possessed.
+0.5 to Valtteri Filppula and Henrik Zetterberg: I thought they played defensively well in this one.
+1 to Cory Emmerton: I liked him during his limited time playing the PK, as he played aggressively on the puck with good angles. He was very good at even-strength too.

Honorable Mentions:

Joakim Andersson seems to have faded lately, huh?

Season Totals Chart