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Pavel Datsyuk's Amazing Goal vs. Nashville: The .gif

Pavel Datsyuk's goal of the year candidate over and over again as long as you feel like watching.

I'm sure you've seen the video by now. There's a good chance you watched this happen live last night. There's a good chance that if you're a blogger from Kansas with two young children in the house, you frightened them with your exuberant celebration of Pavel Datsyuk's mastery of the hockey.

The Wings had been down 2-1 for a good portion of the game and had finally caught a break when Jordin Tootoo tied it at 11:33 of the third period. In absolutely deflating fashion, Nashville would take fewer than 90 seconds to regain their one-goal advantage. All looked grim.

But Mike Babcock had been watching what we had all been watching. Mike Babcock sent out the guy who had been absolutely chomping at the bit all game long; the guy who earned his team only their second shorthanded goal of the season with a feed to a guy who has been struggling all year; the guy who had been dangling defenders all game only to get shut down by Pekka Rinne.

Pavel Datsyuk responded by telling a team sport to go fuck itself; smoking a bigger forward; taking the puck; and embarrassing the other four skaters with a smooth-skating full-speed 200-foot dangle. Then, for good measure, he perfectly placed a wrister through the goalie who had said no to him one too many times.

Pavel Datsyuk is all that is man.