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Take These Broken Wings. Please: Blue Jackets 3 - Red Wings 2

Another game, another blown 2-0 lead.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

I have a confession to make: I have never owned an actual blue jacket. I got some for being part of different sports teams in my youth, but I have never voluntarily purchased a jacket that was blue. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because there are so many different shades of blue, and I can't bear to pick just one. More likely it's due to the fact that I like black jackets. There's no worry about what "shade" of black to get, and black coats go with everything. They match my shoes.

Of course, sometimes I'll wear navy blue slacks for work or to go out and then I'll think "you know what would really complete this look? A blue jacket." But that thought is fleeting as I realize that I would only want the jacket in that specific moment, and once I changed out of my clothes that jacket would just take up space in an already-crowded closet.

What was the point of that story? I had to do something to take my mind off that fucking game.

Seriously. Up 2-0 on a bad team that was missing one of their better players. Up 2-0 5 minutes into the game. And yet did any of you feel like this game was in the bag at any point?

I don't give a shit that they have injuries. I don't fucking care that they have new linemates and roster turnover. It's lazy to blame Kyle Quincey and Dan Cleary and any other players that you don't like for these losses. That's yet another 2-0 lead completely blown and resulted in a loss. If you're counting, that's 5 losses in a row, and outside of the final period against Nashville, they haven't finished a game in a very long time.

This was a winnable game, and they fucking blew it. Again. Blow it up. Fire everyone. Trade everyone. Do something to shake it up and get this team to finish a game with some intensity.

This loss is on everyone. It's on the coaching staff for continuing to put Cleary and Abdelkader with the best player on the team. It's on Valtteri Filppula for apparently being a fluke last year. It's on Damien Brunner for not maintaining control of the puck with less than a minute left. It's on the defense for not covering a man wide open in front of the net. It's on Jimmy Howard for biting so hard on the pass that led to the winning goal.

This team is Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetterberg, and a bunch of 'who-knows-what'. The power play sucks, the penalty kill sucks, their bottom 6 can't score, their defense is porous, and their goalie can't make the big stops.

I had a whole bunch of bullets for the game, but fuck it. I'm too mad at yet another shitty performance and you should be too. Stop blaming injuries and stop making stupid trade suggestions for all the bad players that no one else could possibly want. Yes, I know the Wings have the most man-games lost to injury this year. They also still have all of their best players healthy minus Johan Franzen who everyone says sucks anyway.

If they can't even beat the Blue Jackets, then what chance do they have against the Blackhawks 3 more times? The Sharks? The Ducks? The Canucks? They can't beat Minnesota, Calgary or Columbus.

Good teams win the games they're supposed to. Tonight we did not see a good team.

We're all praying for you, Artem Anisimov. Get well very soon.