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Detroit Red Wings Gameday 18: 3 Questions with Predatweeter

The Preds are back on the calendar, so Chris Burton is back to answer some questions for us. You may know him as @Predatweeter.

1. After a couple of games' worth of playing a bit looser with the scoring, the Preds look like they're back to their old habit of playing for 1-0 results. which would you prefer?
The high scoring games are fun enough, and with Craig Smith and Colin Wilson, the Preds have some guys who can get up and go. But it isn't their strength, and it isn't their system. More times than not, the Preds are going to lose the pond hockey games. They do better playing within their ability, so sadly, I prefer the lower scoring games.

2. Ok, what's the story with Lane Lambert (Preds Assistant Coach - This guy) and his Vidal Sassoon looks? Is that intentional or did he lose a bet?
I'm not sure anyone knows, but beyond all reason, Lambert pulls it off. Lane's mane has become legendary - his in-game interviews are...wait for it...a highlight of the broadcast. He's spawned Twitter accounts, hashtags, and all manner of jokes. Let us hope he never cuts it.

3. Nobody else seems to know, so I figured I'll ask you. Any idea when things are going to start crashing for the Blackhawks? They're getting pretty annoying, no?
I think the Blackhawks are (unfortunately) the real deal. They have everything you look for in an elite team, from the high end scoring to the two way forwards to the depth players to the star defensemen. Not only do they have them, they're all playing well. That's a team that had almost no offseason turnover, so when the lockout was over, the short training camp didn't hurt them as much as it did, say, Washington. The one issue I see is this - Corey Crawford is not an elite goalie. His numbers are better than his talent because the team is so good, so I'm interested to see what happens when he starts to make more mistakes. But other than that, I worry we might be in for another Chicago Cup run.

Thanks, Chris.

I just realized that Lane Lambert is the guy who last year I said looks like Lurch, so the new hairdo is at least a step up from the old one.