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Revenge Is Sweet: Detroit Red Wings 4 - Nashville Predators 0

The Detroit Red Wings defeat the Nashville Predators 4-0.

Kronner is your MVP of the night.
Kronner is your MVP of the night.
Gregory Shamus

They say that revenge is sweet.

They also say that success is the best revenge, and tonight was a huge success for the Detroit Red Wings.

Not only did the Wings snap a 5-game losing streak, but they managed to defeat a division rival in a game that could by the end of the season be the difference maker in who makes the playoffs and who doesn't.

It all started when Drew Miller gave the Wings the lead 5 minutes in to the first period, with help from Kronwall and Eaves. Fast forward to the second period when Joakim Andersson flicks a puck in at Rinne that he can't hold on to, the puck then bounces to Tomas Tatar who makes a nice deke and extends the lead to 2-0.

However, as seen in the past, a 2-goal lead isn't such a certain thing. In order to make sure that this game wasn't going to be fumbled up, Niklas Kronwall unleashed a beautiful shot that beat Rinne and furthered the Wings lead to 3-0. Major props should go to Dan Cleary on that play for screening Rinne and not allowing the Predators goalie to see Kronner's shot.

While the Wings were happy with their lead one man wasn't. That man was Daniel Cleary. Cleary didn't want to remain in the shadow of Kronwall, so by using his amazing superpowers, he transformed into a goalie screening machine and tipped in a bullet from Kronwall on the power play to make it 4-0 Wings.

Here are some notes from tonight's game:

  • Howard played fantastic as he stopped 33 out of 33 shots from Nashville.
  • How about Tomas Tatar! He just keeps on impressing me. I forget when it was, but at one point during the game he made a beautiful pass to Joakim Andersson who sadly couldn't bury the puck. He made a very similar pass later on in the game to Kent Huskins who also couldn't score. However, that's the stuff I love to see!
  • The PK looked good tonight. I'm pretty sure that there was one towards the end of the second period where the Wings didn't even give up a shot. Good job boys!
  • Cory Emmerton is at least in my mind being a pleasant surprise for the Wings. He isn't necessarily good at anything he does, but he is average, and in a crazy season like this one, average is good.
  • I don't have NHL Network so I was stuck watching the Nashville feed, and let me tell you, their announcers were so biased it wasn't even funny. They couldn't stop gushing over how amazing the Preds are and how Detroit is the low-life of society.
  • The PP looked great tonight. Lots of movement and lots of shots. The Wings went 1-for-2 on the PP.
  • Only two penalties were taken by the Wings. I think that this really allowed Babcock to roll four lines which kept the guys fresh throughout the game.
  • What I just mentioned is especially evident when you take a look at the ice time for the Wings players tonight. Unless is deceiving me, no one played less than 11 minutes which is great. I think that this was a huge part of tonight's win.

Overall, the Wings played a great game and they deserved the two points that they received. It was also nice that for once, the Wings didn't need to rely on Howard to dominate the opposing team to win. Obviously, Howard played great and no one is taking anything away from him, but it was no doubt nice to see the offense show up for once.

Player of the game is Niklas Kronwall who had 3 points (1 G, 2 A).

Next up for the Wings is tomorrow at home against the Vancouver Canucks.

Lets Go Wings!