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Predators at Red Wings: Third Period Thread

I never really liked the movie Predator. I realize that probably makes me weird, because it's got the Governator, Apollo Creed, the Body and aliens. I mean, it's ok, but I won't be flipping through channels, see that it's on and say "holy shit cancel the rest of my day because Predator is on!"

Die Hard. That's a fucking amazing movie.

Wings are leading 2-0 3-0 (really! like, really really!) and have now scored 6 goals on "Best Goalie In The NHL" Pekka Rinne in less than 2 games. I guess Rinne looks better against other mediocre teams, because this one is lighting him up.

We're all thinking it, but I'll say it: there's still a chance the Wings could blow this. It's not over yet.