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Red Wings vs. Canucks Third Period Thread

Once, Graham told a story in a third period thread that made us all reconsider our lives and become better people. I'm not Graham. I remember once in 2nd grade, I was having a bad day and my teacher was grumpy, so I jumped on a bookshelf and started dancing. As the janitor dragged me off, I thought I saw a little twinkle in the teacher's eye as her day had improved ever-so-slightly.

It could have just been because I was being dragged out of her class though. She didn't like me very much.

Hey! The Wings are up by two goals (uh oh) and the Canucks will start the third with a fresh sheet of ice and a power play (uh oh). Leave it all on the ice fellas, you've got the next two days off.

Go find your own bookshelf and dance as though your teacher is having a shitty day.