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Detroit Red Wings Gameday: Battle of California's Gameday Coverage & 3 Questions

We're back with another gameday as the Wings prepare for a late-night showdown with the LA Kings. To give us some perspective on how the other side lives, we like to reach out to people who like those teams for some reason. Whenever Detroit plays a California team, I get the extra bonus of getting to ask three questions to somebody from Battle of California, home of the Bloomin' Onion.

Today, we've got Get'rDunn, the resident Kings fan on the line. I was lazy and forgot to send my questions to him yesterday, so he gave me shit for it in their game preview and then was nice enough to answer them anyway.

Check out Battle of California's gameday coverage here.

1. with 4 straight wins and games in hand on everybody, the Kings aren't dead (long live the Kings). What's changed for them lately?
The biggest change is the fact they don't look like a shitty hockey team. That has had a profound effect. I tend to believe it was just getting up to game speed and familiarized with each other, and that they were only held back by Simon Gagne. You could always here that jerk saying, "Who cares? We won last year. Why do we have to skate so hard now? Let's just drink wine and eat cheese." You know. French like stuff.

2. With a rash of recent re-acquisitions by clubs bringing back familiar players, who's the one ex-King you'd most like to see Dean Lombardi get back?
Ryan Smyth. He can show up, but then Sutter can tell him that he is benched and play Dustin Penner, Trevor Lewis, and Kyle Clifford instead. Smyth would probably cry about missing Edmonton some more and people could throw things at him. Also, hopefully some guy wearing a Grinch costume could follow him around going "Boo-hoo" perpetually because Smyth really looks like one of the citizens of Whoville. Or Lubo comes back. He was such a nice guy and deserves better than exile on the Island.

3. Darry Sutter and Mike Babcock don't like each other. Who do you have in a no-holds-barred match between them?
Darryl Sutter looks like a big chicken and chickens are mean birds. He would be at a severe disadvantage without the razors taped to his feet however. He's been in pretty good shape I guess, staying active in Alberta working on that farm. Plus, God made a farmer for a reason right? I just don't remember if one reason was to beat up rival hockey coaches. I'll have to re-watch that long, boring commercial. Babcock could simply scowl him into submission. I don't think anyone could out scowl him, though look how tough Sutter is!

What form.

Okay, Babcock would probably win.


Thanks, Get'r. Also, I always thought Ryan Smyth looks like Kilroy, but I really like the Whovillian comparison.