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Afternoon Roster Update: Ian White a Healthy Scratch

Gregory Shamus

In preparation for tonight's game against the Los Angeles Kings, the Detroit Red Wings announced that both Kyle Quincey (foot) and Brendan Smith (shoulder) would be back in the lineup for the Wings. What surprised many is who they announced would be sitting in their favor.

No, not Kent Huskins, we all expected that. Ian White is the other odd-man out.

When you get past the initial shock that Jakub Kindl isn't the automatic scratch anymore and look at White's play recently, it does make sense. White managed to go -2 in Detroit's 8-3 victory over Vancouver on Sunday and hasn't been particularly strong as the "chasing" defender in the Red Wings' zone. Throw in some giveaways and a complete dearth of points lately and White may just need a chance to sit and get a message about what's expected of him. He told Ansar Khan this:

That's nice, Ian. Hopefully that frustration and upset will play into better defensive zone decisions and outlet passes when you're back in the lineup.

OR, we could have fun and tie this healthy scratch into an earlier rumor that was spreading around. This one:

Well... Ian White is a veteran and he DID used to play for Carolina, so he'd fit the recent category of re-acquisitions. Maybe there's something to this?

Personally, I'm not sure I'd put a lot of stock into this coincidence. I'm fully prepared to be wrong because there are elements to it that wouldn't surprise me; Detroit is getting back to having a healthy D-corps and will have far too many on their roster if they ever do have all of their NHL-ready guys set to go at the same time. It just seems odd that they'd ship off the only right-shooting D-Man on their roster. I'm also having trouble imagining what the return on White would be.

Speculate away though. That's what the internet is for.

(also, Filppula is confirmed out while Franzen will be in.)