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Red Wings at Kings: Second Period Thread

Did you ever read The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King? I was a bit of a King fan when I was younger, but that book really entertained me. It's not like your typical King novel where it's a "horror" story, but rather more of a fantasy story. Long story short, the King is a big fat drunk and he has 2 sons, a perfect kid and one just like him. The King dies and the King's advisor frames the perfect kid to make the other son King so the advisor can essentially rule the kingdom. It all falls apart because the perfect son is perfect and he takes his rightful place as King at the end.

Did I ruin the book for you? Who cares, if you haven't read it, you weren't going to anyway, so don't get mad.

The Wings were good in the first period, looking competent on the road on the power play. They lead 1-0 on a goal by KYLE FUCKING QUINCEY MOTHERFUCKERS WOOHOO /finger guns blazing.

It's the second period. Get another cup of coffee and let's do this.