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Battle of California's Gameday Coverage & 3 Questions

This seems familiar.

Another day, another game in California. Tonight the Wings take on the Sharks for the first time this season. It's time to introduce you to another of BoC's writers. This time we've got the head honcho Megalodon on the line. I assure you that even though people call him Meg and he carries a purse, that he is indeed a male.

Check out Battle of California's gameday coverage here.

1. Actual game results aside, what's the story of the Sharks play so far this season? What's the real Sharks team when you cut through all the crap?
The Sharks are a team with five great forwards, three fantastic defensemen, a top ten goalie playing some of the best hockey of his career, and nothing but garbage filling out the rest of the team. Weird luck (first good, then bad) and a ton of injuries have kept the team from developing any kind of flow, but in reality they are probably deserving a spot 4th through 8th in the conference by the time the playoffs come around, and they can be really dangerous if they ever put together a quality third or fourth line.

2. Sean McIndoe listed Todd McClellan at being on the hottest of hot seats for NHL coaches right now. How fair is that assessment? What kind of results should the Sharks put up for McClellan to find himself still employed in San Jose next season?
I don't believe in basing coaching decisions on the outcome of the playoffs, since those involve such small sample sizes and are so luck-dependent. If the Sharks happen to MISS the playoffs this season, I'd be fine with letting McClellan go - but I still wouldn't advocate it. I don't think it's really his fault that the team isn't performing better. It's not up to him to magically turn crap players into superstars.

It's perfectly fair to say that Todd McClellan is on the hot seat, though, because he certainly IS. Whether that is warranted or not is a separate question.

3. What is the single worst and the single best thing for the Sharks about the proposed realignment?
The worst thing for the Sharks will be having to deal with the Canucks (and their fans) much more regularly. The best thing is their new prime central location in the division, which should ensure them the least amount of travel in the West Coast Conference or whatever the hell it will be called.