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WIIM Mailbag: Should the Rebuild Start?

You've got questions, we don't have a podcast this week.

So like we started doing last week, we took to Twitter to ask people to send in questions for WIIM Radio. Unfortunately, due to a series of unforeseen hiccups (Jeff's annual birthday kidnapping, Tyler's sudden call to fight for the Green Lantern Corps, Graham's struggle with a crippling addiction to Canada), nobody wanted to listen to just me talk for an hour and I wasn't about to subject Chris to deal with that on his WIIM Radio debut.

But I don't want to leave everybody who asked questions out in the cold, so out of the kindness of my heart, I've decided to tackle all of your questions head-on and with the usual grace and aplomb regularly demonstrated on WIIM Radio. Without more bullshit words keeping you from it, here goes:

I'd like to see some of the youngsters already replacing people on the bottom lines, but if the Wings get to that 20-game mark and their playoff prospects are looking dim, I say go for a fairly aggressive rebuild as far as it comes to moving guys for value.

This is heavily-reliant upon what teams are looking for, but on the whole it is much, much less. Cleary might be targeted by a young team looking to make a run by adding an experienced hard-working veteran, but he's also a pending UFA and he's been nothing short of awful so far. Meanwhile, Kindl isn't going to be anybody's "final piece", but he could get a semi-decent return based on his youth and pending RFA status.

Shitty shooting percentages eventually at least marginally improve to average, but I'm not as worried about lack of production as I am about how much they're getting killed on possession. Mike Babcock thinks Darren Helm's return should help, but at this point, I'm looking to dump guys like Miller and Cleary simply to make space for fresh young prospect blood.

Will try to? Sure. I think Holland is kicking tires on trades and asking. I think it's possible as well; I just don't think it's likely. The problem with the bottom six sucking it up is that if they can't be counted on to play consistently well, then can actual tradeable assets be leveraged to bring in guys to fill holes elsewhere? I'd like a Zach Bogosian around whom to build a defense, but I'm not sure what is and isn't feasible in such a crazy season.

I'm not convinced of that. It certainly looks like that after the last two games and it seems as though the league has moved more and more to the concept of forcing rebuilds instead of reloads, but I appreciate that Holland is at least trying the latter before jumping to the former. That said, I'm absolutely terrified of the Calgary model of mediocrity where a needed rebuild is put off for dumb reasons.

I would have to see the CBA once it's actually signed, but I'm nearly positive that's covered somewhere in those pages. Since the bonuses have to be collectively bargained in the first place, I'm sure that them not being paid this year doesn't have those kinds of ramifications.

Chicago sure as hell looks good through 10 games, but I'm not ready to crown they asses just yet. That team is still lacking on depth and still has questions in goal that haven't been adequately answered by a handful of performances that make them look like they're not potential problems looming. Personally, I think we're looking at a two-team race between Chicago and St. Louis here.

Give me four lines that drive possession more than their opposition and I'll be happy. That's a cop-out answer, but I don't think the traditional Scotty Bowman "Grind Line" works as much anymore. Of course I want at least four forwards on the lineup that can be considered PK specialists, but I also think that a team can have PK specialists who also have the skills to score at 5-on-5.

Clearly more than 8, since the guy that got scratched in favor of Tatar actually had a point. I actually think the injuries to Helm, Mursak, and Samuelsson have more to do with the relative patience for Eaves, Miller, Cleary, and pretty much everybody else. When those guys get healthy, having to push people back down to Grand Rapids can cause problems with the roster. I'm not sure how much I care with problems like "we may lose that guy to waivers" when it comes time to those who currently are getting that time, but that's where I feel the organization is currently.

Shut up.

I'm all about saying "Octopi". It just rolls off the tongue better. "Octopuses" is easy to trip over.

No. I think Holland signed himself into a corner with the Samuelsson acquisition and didn't leave room to get Nyquist in the lineup consistently without putting egg on the organization's face in regards to eliminating a guy so quickly after signing him.

Too many optional skates and not enough practicing playing the game at a high pace under numerous ice-quality conditions would be my guess. I also don't think they start transition early enough, and that throws off everybody's sense of where teammates are versus where they're supposed to be.

I like how he never looks like he's thinking too hard about anything.