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Red Wings Gameday: St. Louis Game Time's Coverage & 3 Questions

Nothing against Hildymac, who is consistently proving that there are Blues fans capable of breathing through their noses, but I'm kind of tired of talking about the Blues. This is our third game against them so far this season and next Wednesday will be number four. After that, we won't see them again until April 7th.

Still, the 3 Questions series lives on because it's a great way to get insight into how the other side thinks. It's also a great way to get gameday content written for you. On to the 3 questions.

Check out St. Louis Game Time's Gameday Coverage here

1. What happened on Tuesday? (The Blues were blown out 6-1 by the offensively-challenged Predators)
Wouldn't I like to know. The Blues seem to be in the habit of taking a period off a game, and usually it's the first. Tuesday night that bit them in the ass in a big way, because obviously the Preds were tired of reading about how they'd only scored 12 goals up to that point. The Preds aren't the best group of forwards, but when you're playing against a team with the attention span of a gnat, it's not hard to add to that goal total.

Also, Jake Allen's two goals were just... ugh. I've been questioning him in the AHL as a goalie, but at least I know I don't need to question his NHL skills. He doesn't have any yet.

2. Are you as tired of seeing us this many times so early as we are of seeing you? What do you think overall about how they built the schedule?
Kind of. I'm all about the rivalry and the hatred, but it seems like the NHL's just shoved a bunch of repeat games into a tiny blocko f time. We're tired of the Preds, too. I like that we're only playing in the conference this year, but after nine games we've only played the Stars and the Wild as far as teams out of the division go. Part of the rivalry is the anticipation. It's hard to build any up when we just played the Wings last week.

3. Who would Blues fans say is the dirtiest captain in the NHL?
Wow. That is a really damn good question. We never see any of the Eastern teams enough to form an opinion (though after years as a Thrashers fan I can probably personally say it's Alex Ovechkin. Dude leaves his feet on hits more than anyone I've seen, and gets away with it). I can't say it's anyone in the Central. Toews is just creepy, you can't hate Zetterberg for reasons other than the goals he scores on you, Suter's meh, and Columbus hasn't named one yet. I'm honest to goodness drawing a blank.

Maybe Dustin Brown, since the fact that he doesn't have any teeth creeps folks out.


Thanks, Hildy! Also, the correct answer (even taking Backes into consideration) is Shea Weber. Shea Weber is the dirtiest captain in the NHL.