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Simply Mrazing: Red Wings 5 - Blues 1

Petr Mrazek believes he is awesome. Tonight we were witness.

Dilip Vishwanat

The Detroit Red Wings played the St. Louis Blues in a hockey game between two Central Division opponents tonight. The game was 60 minutes of action with several stoppages due to penalties, goals and saves.

In the end, the team that scored more goals won the game, and there was (presumably) some celebration in the dressing room. The losing team was left to lick their wounds and hope for a better result next time.

The goal scorers were players wearing the winning team's jersey. The goalie for the winning team made several key stops, and the losing goalie did his best to keep his team in it but couldn't make enough saves to be victorious.

Bored yet? Yep, that's what an objective recap would look like. Thank the maker this is a fan site and we can write whatever the fuck we want and be opinionated assholes.


  • Dan Cleary has taken a lot of heat so far this season, and for good reason. But he and Tomas Tatar combined for the first goal in what has got to be the weirdest ironical goal ever: a player that no one wants in the lineup scores the Wings' first goal with an assist by a player that everyone wants to see play more.
  • You wanted depth scoring? How about 8 points from the bottom 2 forward lines. The strong play of the 3rd and 4th lines meant that the top lines didn't have to play 20+ minutes against a physical team. Only having 1 power play also allowed the Wings to roll 4 lines throughout the game, so the Blues being a very clean team paid off for Detroit.
  • Actual analysis from Mickey Redmond during the first period: the Blues are not getting quality goaltending (like they did last year) and this is causing them to struggle, which is in contrast to the Red Wings who can't score and allow too many goals. Except tonight.
  • The vision of Tatar on his pass to Cleary both on the goal and later in the first when Cleary had another chance was great. 14 minutes of ice time, 2 shots, a blocked shot and several strong passes and a successful game. It will be really rewarding for him to have all these stories to tell when he's sent back down to Grand Rapids next week.
  • The Wings were much more aggressive on the forecheck this time around against the Blues, and it caused the Blues to have a lot of problems exiting their zone and getting speed through the neutral zone. It was a huge difference from the first time these teams met when the Wings were very passive in all 3 zones, this time choosing to take the initiative. In fact, the way the Wings were able to control the puck really gave this game a tame feeling compared to the past few meetings.
  • It's almost like that first game of the season was a fluke performance by the Wings or something and they really aren't as bad (nor are the Blues as good) as one might think. Huh. How about that.
  • Jakub Kindl and Cleary scored goals in the first period, then Cory Emmerton scores late in the 2nd. The next Quick Hits headline is going to be "Bench Miller" and then we'll just sit back and watch the goals come pouring in.
  • Good to see noted class act David Backes play a nice clean game and not be penalized for anything that he shouldn't have been. Kudos on a great game.
  • One area the Wings were much better was in their own zone. Perhaps it was because of a rookie goaltender playing his first NHL game or maybe it was due to the fact that they have figured out they need to tighten up defensively, but they collapsed in front of their own net and did not allow the Blues to get any major traffic in front. Easily the best defensive performance of the season.
  • I'm not one for hyperbole, but Petr Mrazek is the greatest rookie goaltender to ever play a game for the Red Wings in the history of the universe. Seriously, did you see that performance? On the road against a team that waxed the Wings last time they were in that building and he gives up one measly power play goal. With the Wings having back-to-back games this weekend, I can't be the only one hoping he gets another start to keep taking the pressure of Jimmy Howard. If this is the future, sign me up for a long ride.