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Quick Hits: O'Rielly Saga Nearing A Close

O'Rielly has signed Calgary's offer sheet worth $10 million over the next two years.


Red Wings News

Henrik Zetterberg bäst - i hela Schweiz | HockeyExpressen
So Z wins MVP of the Swiss league (Brunner close second), while Brunner won forward of the year.

Wings Play A Great Road Game, But… | The Malik Report
Through all these injuries and everything, why in the name of the hockey gods has JUSTIN ABDELKADER not been INJURED yet. Notice how I upper cased the key words to grab your attention. Yeah, now you're listening.

Holmstrom still hanging around town | FSD

Still waiting to pick up Lidstrom to go to their breakfast place (NHL 36 reference)

Too Much D in the D? | NOHS

Funny title aside, I do like their lineup proposal for next year although I don't think White is not a goner just yet.

Red Wings' Mike Babcock sequesters family, work as keys to happiness -- not money | Detroit Free Press

Money doesn't buy happiness. It buys crazy-ass happiness.

Red Wings Roster Crunch | - 1130 AM THE FAN
The thing is, I highly doubt that the Wings will have a fully or nearly fully healthy roster at any point this season. Worst case? Send Lashoff back. *Cries* *Sniffles* *Realizes That Quincey Scored* *Cries Some More*

Stuart is happy at home with Sharks - Detroit Red Wings - News
I really think that Stuart was under appreciated for what he did here.

NHL News

Hot Offer: Flames sign restricted free agent centre Ryan O'Reilly to offer sheet - - News
There it is.

Ryan O'Reilly offer sheet: Flames sign Avalanche center to two-year, $10 million deal -
Is he worth it at $5 million per year?

Three Periods: The problems with the NHL's realignment proposal – and how to fix them - Yahoo! Sports
My question is still what is going to happen when either the Coyotes leave the hockey haven that is Arizona or when the NHL expands.

Mike Milbury calls out Alex Ovechkin: 'Eight-year-olds don't do this' -
I usually hate Milbury, but I LOVE him for this.

Inside the NHL’s secret underwear | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
So they got secret underwear, whats next? Secret socks that will help protect against Achilles tears? Nah.

Carolina Hurricanes add four to ownership group - - News

The Carolina Hurricanes on Thursday announced four new investors had joined the team's ownership group.

NHL realignment: Divisions need new names, because Boston isn't 'Central' -

Gretzky Division, Hull Division, Howe Division, and M. Lemieux Divison?

Grinder Aaron Volpatti Claimed by Capitals | CanucksArmy
Probably will perform better than Ovi.

This is a lame realignment | BMR

Oh look, Barry Melrose Sucks blog is back.

NHL Trade Rumors: Toronto Maple Leafs Front Of The Line If Corey Perry Becomes Available? | NHL Trade Report

Why would they trade for Perry if they can't even sign Kessel. Perry will probably want more money than Kessel in the first place.

Isles goaltender DiPietro says comment about suicide not to be taken literally - The Hockey News

I hope so. Also, to the people saying we shouldn't be sorry for him because he is super rich. True, I don't feel sorry for him in any way in terms of his financial status, however, I feel sorry for him for the absolute degrading treatment that he has been receiving in NY for the last few years. Hopefully he will be bought out and can rejuvenate his career elsewhere.

Jarmo Kekäläinen Already On Thin Ice In Columbus | The Hockey Writers


Dreger: 50-50 chance players support realignment proposal | ProHockeyTalk
I'm sure that 100% of Wings players support it, except for those how love Cali, or have family there (see Stuart, Brad)

Lets Go Wings!